One less Abrams

This may be of interest to some.

Is it a American crewed tank or a American bought tank?

Vehicle will most likely be shipped back to the states and sent to either Anniston or Lima for a rebuild. They’ve rebuilt vehicles in worst shape back to “zero miles” condition.

According to news reports its an American tank currently in Australia for exercises.
Google Exercise Talisman Sabre. (Sorry my tablet is refusing to copy and paste).

Considering that the tank is painted in standard 3-color NATO schene and not in the Australian camouflag; I think it’s an American tank taking part in joint training exercises with the Australian Army.

FWIW here a bit about the exercise. 13 countries.

“Military tank” – to quote Jack Nicholson, is there another kind? A straight-ish section of road, single lane in both directions. As I understood it, a head-on collision of the leading tank-towing rig with a B-double coming in the opposite direction. I doubt the tank-towing rig was trying to overtake anything, so most likely the B-double was attempting to overtake a caravan convoy & the driver shoulda gone to spec savers, or get a brain transplant.

The Abrams does look slightly scorched but surely not terminal damage by any means (?)


According to early reports a car ignored the escorts instruction re the following oversized load. Ie the tank transport. Hit head on on a narrow bridge all the other vehicle dominoed into the wreckage.

Just glad nobody was hurt too bad in this mess. Abrams not carrying live ammo either I guess. Only in Oz would we have a highway called “Bruce”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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you’re not suggesting Aussies can’t drive are you… :rofl:

I’d be cruisin’ for bruisin’ if I said that…don’t get me started :no_entry:

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I don’t think any drivers, in any countries, appreciate that tanks (and the vehicles that carry them) are not typical highway traffic.
My cousin once sent me a photo of what was left of a Mercedes S class after it tried to pass too close to a Leopard II on the autobahn - the track caught the bumper and dragged it up over the return path - basically crushing the right side. There’s a photo on the we of what happen when a French driver tried to beat a LeClerc across a crossroads, and didn’t.
Outside of Washington DC several years ago, a tractor/trailer was carrying a Stug 3 from Aberdeen south on I-95 and two cars that slowed to see it ran into each other and blocked the road for sometime.
So US drivers aren’t any better.

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I’ve seen plenty of military vehicles on trailers in my travels across the southwestern US; specially through Texas and Arizona. Everything from JLTVs and MATVs being delivered to stateside units to decommissioned aircraft being delivered to museums for restoration and display.

The last time this occured, i was watching an F/A-18 Hornet being moved from the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB eastbount on I-10; despite being covered in tarps and on wooden blocks; the profile of a Hornet is not hard to identify.


Not the actual aircraft, but you get the idea…