Operation "Epsom" details

Here are a few details I have recently completed for my on-going Epsom project.


Shells look great Jerry, excellent details.

Thanks buddy. Glad you liked it.

Per usual, beautiful work.

Oh, I just love that jacket hanging with all the patch details. Great work Jerry.


Thanks Bravo6 for the kind remarks!

Thanks Maki, I needed to make something I never tried before nd that was the object I came up with. The hardest thing about making it was the flimsiness of the shovel. Very delicate I’m afraid,

Beautiful details! The stuff that really makes a scene come alive.

We want more, we want more…!!! :smiley:

Hi Jerry,

Outstanding work, as per, love the ground texture and the small details, a treat for the eyes, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Thanks sgtjkj!
I agree,the small bits and clutter are always present in reality.

Thanks Golikell and G,
It means a lot that you are checking in and commenting,

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You’re welcome, Jerry… I would not want to miss it :slight_smile:

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That’s some superb detailed work. I’m always in awe when anybody such as yourself achieves such fine detail such as the jacket patch.

The ground texture is also great. What technique/materials did you use?

Thanks mate for the very generous remarks.
The dirt is just,well…dirt. I paint the surface of the base a dirt color,then brush on watered down white wood glue and sprinkle various grades of garden soil onto the wet glue. Try to get variations of fineness in the dirt. Mud is done by mixing dirt with glue and clumping it on.

Well that explains why it looks so authentic. :laughing:

I’ve previously wondered about using real soil, but the stuff in my garden is humus rich, so even when dry, I think would look a little out of scale. Might have to start collecting samples when out and about!

I happen to be lucky about where I live. It wasn’t always the case with the dirt. Sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy,etc. This is also a great area for roots!

Love the blouse on the shovel.

Thanks Dan. Glad you liked that!

Yep the shovel-hanger’s pure class, any joy with the fuze thingy? :tumbler_glass: