Opinions on RFM abrams v3?

Well guys, I made the abrams V2 TUSK and now I’m finishing the V2 TUSK II from academy, then I have to finish the merkava MK1 (non-hybrid) from takom, but I have to buy the tracks from aftermarkets (if there are any, I don’t know ) then I will start this Abrams V3, can someone who has built it or has experience in RFM models be able to give you its pros and cons? I understand that RFM is an excellent manufacturer


I’m currently building the RFM M1A2 SEP 2 …

RFM M1A2 SEP V2 build

No major issues with it and detailing is great and goes together really well… Only big thing for me was the tracks on this are link and length and to me they lacked detail and just didn’t look good, so I ordered the Trumpeter Info link set which I need to start putting together…I think generally pretty much all the RFM kits are up there and worth the money.


I take note of your impressions, I hope this project goes well for me :slight_smile: