Orca Shark Boat from the movie Jaws | Model Shipwrights

Artitec models of the Netherlands has released a 1/87 scale rendition of the Orca shark boat

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That looks like a fantastic kit!
I like all the little details for the cabin, shark cage, air tanks… it’s amazing! We just need little 1/87 figures of Quint, Brody and Hooper to crew it.

Over Christmas 2021 we went to London to watch the play The Shark is Broken, a comedy about the three leading cast members stuck on the Orca while they wait for Bruce (the mechanical shark) to be fixed. It was written by and starred Ian Shaw playing his own dad. Really enjoyed it.


The movie Jaws was my first date with the girl who became my wife - scary…


I think it was one of the first films my parents saw together. Apparently my mom jumped out of her seat when the head fell through the bottom of the boat!

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That’s cool. I didn’t know they had the Orca in kit form.

I went and saw the movie when I was in the fifth grade and it scared the heck out of me!! :open_mouth: But it is a great film and a favorite of mine.


Well, another model I did not know I want…

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This model ain’t no gem, it’s the entire chest full of treasure. I can’t wait to see it built.

Reminiscing, my only story is that my high school chemistry teacher, Mrs Freeman, I don’t know what it was about this movie but while we kids were all chattering about how awesome scary it was, she indignantly declared that it’s just a monster movie, a horror movie.

She also referred to mad magazine as " propaganda. " Still not sure what she was saying or for what political viewpoint.


That’s probably a fair assessment of the other progressively worsening three. Revenge is a real shocker!!