ORCA shark boat - who will build me?

A few months ago Peter Jan Haas of Artitec (Amsterdam) sent me a copy of their excellent 1/87 scale rendition of the shark boat ORCA from the movie JAWS. I posted an in-box review of it at the time:

Now… would anyone like to build this model? :grin:

It is an absolutely gorgeous kit (which sells for about US$75) - and I’ll send it to you to build!

All I ask is that you complete it within a reasonable time (say, six months) and post pictures of your progress on this forum. The kit is yours for free, but I’d appreciate it if you would reimburse my postage costs.

If you are interested, just respond on this thread. After a few days I’ll throw the names into a hat and pick the lucky builder!


Very tempting Tim but I don’t think I can do the timeline. Jaws was the movie I took my wife to for our first date !

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Man, that will be some lucky dog. I would need a bigger boat. :sunglasses:

That’s a very tasty kit of a very special boat from a fantastic movie! Saw it as a teenager when it first came out and loved it - Robert Shaw was born to play Quint. I’d be tempted, but sadly the postage from US to UK is a deal-breaker now that we’re post-Brexit. But I’ll enjoy reading the blog of whoever gets it!

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A very generous offer and I do hope someone takes it up so we can all see it built.
Unfortunately, I’ve got a few too many other projects on and I don’t think my skills with resin and all that PE are at the level required to do this kit justice.

I think its awesome that you are going to offer it as a build blog kit for someone. Too bad it’s made of resin, I would love to build it.

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I built this kit last year and made a video slideshow of it. I’m only an amateur but quite happy with it.


That was well worth the watch. Super detailed with your scratch built solutions

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Looks great. Will have to watch the video later.

Welcome aboard Grim.


Great entry thread into the forums. Really cool build from a classic film …

And of course … Welcome