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Here we get a look at a controversial release from Hobby Boss in the form of a 1/35th scale Oshkosh M1070 Dump Truck.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/oshkosh-m1070-dump-truck
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Just paint it yellow or something and put some made up contractor name on it

Yup, since no military uses them, yellow would be perfect.

Lots more discussion on the thread it was initially anounced in.

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Other civilian M1070-based dump trucks (with different dump bodies)


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This kit is an interesting option I suppose, assuming you don’t want to make a truck used for military purposes, why not? some variety for model builders!

I’ve also seen the pictures of the civilian versions shown above and wondered about their value in real life? That is, an 8x8 dump, seems excessive for most jobs, and at the same time, these are not built to equate to heavy off road (all wheel drive or articulated) haulers. Raising the question of what role might the M1070 have post military?

Somewhere along the way I recall seeing pictures of one or two being repurposed as prime movers for heavy hauling (house movers, heavy objects), which seems to make sense.

I’ve built the M1070/M1000 combo, and enjoyed the build, though that trailer…it is a lot of repetitious work - I enjoyed building the tractor more, so maybe this is a good choice for a guy who wants to build the truck and not the trailer?

I would have rather seen a model of the M1070A1 HET, the 6x6 version with high flotation tires. But that isn’t built by simply removing an axle, and lots of changes are required, so the manufacturer can’t just repackage the kit.

Anyway, probably good to see another option for a fun build -


Tonka Yellow would be excellent.

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On many occasions Oshkosh has built several "demonstrator units* to submit to the Army for testing. Therefore this vehicle MAY have been presented in military colors at one time and then later rejected.

Given Oshkosh’s several famed “building block” suspension systems the number of axles (powered, unpowered, steering or not) is only limited by the length of the frame the customer wants to order. Also even if there are no US buyers Oshkosh may offer them to foreign buyers.

So who is to say there where never a few “one-offs” in military colors? (Later repainted and sold to civilian customers at a discount.)

They were not made by Oshkosh, but a guy who buys the surplus M1070s and modifies them w/the dump body.

Well then I am 2 for 2 in the f-up category for today.

OK, paint it yellow!