Outed by a daughter

I stumbled across this by accident:

“About half of my Dad’s stash…”





Love it ! My two girls ( women now @ 32 & 35 ) post stuff on social media about our disjointed conversations made nonsensical because of my terrible hearing !

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Daughters - You love them with all your heart but you swear they’ll be the death of you. (I have 4.)

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I have one daughter and 3 sons. All grown. Daughter has 2 little kids. Daughter 5 and son 2. Both were going through my STASH with me. Asking if they can have some of Pop-Pops tanks. They want to start early. Grandaughter wants the Panther because she likes the name. Grandson keeps telling me he wants a Panzer. Ya gotta love them.


What happened to the video of the guys model stash?