Packing models for a move

I am moving to Houston Texas at the end of this year from Canada. I’ll be driving down and the box I plan to pack models in will be coming with me not the movers. I am curious how you guys pack for long trips? As I finish models now I plan to just put them in a box for the move instead of on a shelf.

I was thinking of lining a cardboard box with pink foam of the type used in dioramaras and cutting it so each model has a slot more or less the exact size of the model.

I’m not sure why anyone would do that.

As for your question, your plan sounds good. I like the boxes that printer paper comes in as the lid comes off easily. I actually took three armor models all the way to Japan, and took two back, in those boxes. But instead of foam I just poked holes in the bottom of the box and used twist ties to secure the models to the box.
Way back in the day I’d also glue foam to the upright portions of the box so I could rest a second tier of cardboard on it.


Thanks for the help!

Haha. No choice! Work here has dried up and Texas is booming

I moved from Southern California to the Phoenix AZ area last year. I used those big flat Tupperware type bins to move my builds. For my armor kits I lined the bottom with a layer of thin foam, then had more foam strips surrounding each build. Enough to immobilize them from sliding around. For my aircraft builds I used a combination of foam to support the airframe, and poly fill fiber to surround and isolate each build. Out of my 300 or so builds transported, I only had a handful of small pieces get damaged in transit. This is them upon arrival before unpacking.


I would add putting each model in a zip lock bag, so if things break they are contained within the bag and not just the box.

That’s a good idea! Could defintley see small parts breaking loose never to be found again

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The stars at night are big and bright.

I’m no bloody help at all, so I’ll just wish you good luck!

Thankfully I just got back into this hobby and will only have about 5 completed models to move. I pity those that have to move 200 compared masterpieces

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What sort of models?

No idea on safe transport for long drives with assembled model aircraft. I just toss those in the trash bin :wastebasket:

Assembled model tanks & AFV’s are pretty easy to move ~1,500+ miles without damage. @18bravo & @Stikpusher give excellent solutions very similar to my own experience.

Transport Box or Sterlite Plastic Tote

1.Copy paper box/printer paper box or tote.

2.Line bottom with block of foam.

  1. Place model on foam at least 1/2 inch or 13mm from box sides.

  2. Use toothpicks to secure model in place so it can’t move or shift to left or right.

  3. If vertical movement is a concern as @18bravo suggested

  4. It’s even easier if the model is secured on a base.

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4 of the 5 will be tanks, one will be a spitfire model. I think lateral movement is more of a concern. Once the box is in my trunk. If I get severe vertical movement on the highway in my car I fear I’ve made a bad driving error :joy: