Painted Life Miniature female Red army sniper 1/35 version

Hello, this is my finished figure from Life miniature. I bought and it since last October, but I took my time on other figures to practice and didn’t start to actually do it since Christmas. It took me over a month to do. Im not entirely pleased, but the more I adjust it, the worse it gets. So I decided to stop in this state. (pic are low res to ease up the size and upload)

I have some comment about this one: The rifle sling is molded plastic, very thin, easy to break and I couldn’t fit it between the hand and rifle like in the pictures from the manufacture. So I used 2 layers of masking tape to make the sling.

Also, it appears that the figure is actually in 1/32 scale and not 1/35. The rifle length is longer than it supposed to, as well the mosin rifle from my miniart soviet gun kit. And here is one 1/35 from ICM that I used to practice:

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