Soviet Female sniper 54mm

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It’s not bad if you are starting to paint figures, remember nobody is starting as a master.
For a 1/35 figure you have done some good starting points.
Just put it on your bench as a reference for your next figure, the only remark I personal have is don’t use to much paint at once.

Grtx Jan

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As a beginner, it’s good. What you did was paint the base coat layers of color.

To improve this, you need to purchase weathering paints, pigments, and inks. There are a lot of YouTube videos on how to weather, drybrush, and shade figures. Also buy some Flat Clear Spray Paint to tone down the glossiness of the paints.

What you need to buy are washes, inks, and weathering pigments. Once you learn how to weather figures, they appear MUCH better than just painting them.

The hype is actually quite real. The weathering products by the top manufactures who make them, such as Vallejo, AK Interactive, and MIG AMMO actually DO work well as advertise and give kits and figures a very professional appearance. For the time and effort spent weathering and buying these products, the results are very satisfying. I took a long time to commit to purchasing weathering products, but in the end, the money invested as indeed worth it.

Then you need to decide on if the figure is worth the time and effort to make it look better. Most 1/24 scale figures and larger is worth more time spent on them than say 1/32-1/35.

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Thanks for the tips. I will try it on my next one.

Yeah, if you are just starting with figure painting I think you’ve done a bang up job. My first figures didn’t look nearly as nice. I really like the subject matter also. Why put up links to the photos when you can just drag them into the post? Or is it just my computer that is showing the links instead of photos?


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The link is from the old post when the new forums was just formed. With the reorganization of the forums and topic, I tried to change the category without success, so I made this one with the link to the old one to not add more photos on the server.

You can change at certain trust level. As a matter of fact you can for anyone at a certain level. I did move that thread to the completed forum. The next step would be to now merge that relevant posts to the other thread and one needs a moderator to do that kind of work. Above my pay grade.