Panhard EBR In Action

I’ve been look up videos and photographs of the Panhard EBR. Amazingly, every single Panhard EBR picture I’ve seen are display models, while videos show them in noncombat maneuvers. Where haven’t I looked?

Try looking for those in Algeria during the war there.

Search results for “panhard+ebr+algerie” (just select black & white pics)




Accueil (

under “Blindés à roues”

I think I’d like to pick up a kit to go with my Academy Legionnaire figure

Be aware that the HB kit has many flaws and inaccuracies. I mentioned them in the article about my build in my site.

EBR FL11 /75

The turret of the kit depicts the late model with the 90mm gun. It is not suitable for the war in Algeria period.


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Thanks for the heads up. One for my giveaway pile.

Hope the Takom AMX 75 is any good.

Didn’t hobby boss make two kits of the EBR?

I thought that they made two different versions.

You’re right they made the both versions. However they didn’t fix the issues on the latest model. I have been told that the FL10 turret (AMX 13 one) is badly depicted.


The AMX13 /75 is a good base. Have a look at my series of builds of the various Takom AMX 13 on the site. AMX 13 challenge

Out of the box it builds into a decent early French model. The IDF version needs some extra work depending on the time frame.


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That was used in Algeria I assume?

Yes Tom. However this was the early version with the 75mm gun on the FL11 turret. HB only gives the 90mm gun with its FL11 turret.
Apart from a so-so conversion by Azimut there is no aftermarket set you could use to depict a EBR during the conflict.
I have to check if the FL10 turret was used in Algeria.


I guess it was.

This EBR “Corse” belonged to the 3e RCA. November 11th parade in El Kouif (1959)

Another one near Arba (1957)

Source :

The 3e Régiment de Chasseurs d’Afrique was chosen for the FL-10 turret trials.



Thanks H.P. :+1:


Great pics there Frenchy. The lower one looks to be in a sand color.

The turret is painted exactly like the ones of the AMX13s in operation Musketeer in Suez. I guess the turret has been recovered from one of the tanks and fitted onto the EBR hull.


Sure that makes sense, that Operation was in 1956 I think right ?

Maybe the EBR pictured above is one of these, on their way to Suez ?


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The EBRs almost saw action during the portuguese revolution in 1974, when several from an armoured cavalry regiment on the rebel side had a tense standoff in the streets of central Lisbon with M47s from a loyalist unit.