Panther "Ambush" camo

Hey guys - I just purchased the Takom Panther G (Early) with zimmerit. Would an Ambush camouflage scheme be appropriate?
John S.

I’ve never seen a picture of one.

I suppose it is possible in the one month between August 1944 when the Early G entered service and September 1944 when zimmeritt stopped being used.

Agreed. Possible but unlikely

What they said.

If (and assuming) factories took a couple of weeks before implementing painting orders, there possibly could have been 1 - 1 1/2 weeks of Panther production, still with Zimmerit, which could have had ambush camo. With an average production rate of some 75+ Panthers per week, there’s the potential for 100 - 130 Panthers with Zimmerit and ambush camo during this overlap period - purely conjecture, but based on data. *

Thank you gentlemen. I agree it is very unlikely. Now I need a Panther G mid-late war!

Build the Early Panther G w/Zimmerit & Ambush Camo please!

It may activate the German WW2 AFV paradox:

Triple our chances of actual data proving they were never manufactured while at the same time doubling our chances of an actual wartime photo(s) from the depths proving they did exist. :slight_smile:

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Ummm…this looks a lot like a Panther G with Zimmerit (it’s plainly visible at the ends of the mantlet) and with disk ambush camo:



Well. Obviously it ts a Parisian driving around post war. Just look at the jaunty expression and the beret. See no controversy here at all… :roll_eyes:

Nice find.

Go ahead, say it if it is constructive, or humorous! :grin:

@TopSmith; I also find his cap/beret puzzling; it doesn’t resemble any kind of German headgear. But if it’s a Parisian joy-rider (or was that humour?), what is the purpose of the foliage camo? And the liberation of Paris was well before any Hinterhalt-Tarnung was being used. I just wish the photographer had backed up several more feet to take the pic and provide some context. The only background appears to be a house chimney with a rain deflector (or stork-nest discourager) behind the L. turret.
Here is a link for painting ambush camo. The purpose is for painting war-gaming vehicles (1/56?) and may look a little amateurish for scale-modeling, but the techniques can certainly be modified or refined for 1/35, or even 1/72.

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So what would the alternative be to Ambush Camo?

Overall Dunkelgelb?

Hi friends, here you can see a MNH early G with “Ambush”. Please see also the early tubular hatch handle and no wooden support for it. This vehicle is more likely to have all other “early G” characteristics


@joepanzer; If you want to be boring and lazy, yes :roll_eyes:. There’s several alternative schemes here:

Here’s another case for this tank having been captured: note the aperture for the co-axial MG; normally you should be able to see the muzzle of the gun, but it seems to have been removed!
I also have a possible explanation for the co-driver’s headgear; apparently some Free French tank crews retained their original French service berets (bachi caps) like these dudes: