Panzer IV ausf.a

All kits are from dragon6816, lasting months until I finish. I tried to restore history through pics, but still not a serious historical collection(but flatters my standards). I will list real tank photos below, which shows differences from square mg mount to early command tower(resembles pzIII A’s more). More, I hope these may give you some fun or even inspirations. P.S., small parts like tools are assembled not in accrodance to real, for I‘m lazy( ’ ~ ’ ).




That’s a serious hard core collection of Dragon Pz IV ausf. A’s you have there!


While all of them are very sweet looking, #211, takes the cake :birthday: :moon_cake: in my opinion with the dark gray & chocolate :chocolate_bar:.

Definitely very inspiring :clap: to me to get an early Dragon Pz IV “workhorse” on the bench soon.


I’m still a beginner😀 I will keep studying from you sophisticated modellers. I really love square -looking tanks, like PZs,vickers 6tons and its descendants etc.


Your models look very well done!

:rose::rose::rose:thank you

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The camouflaged version (Yellow/Brown/Green) looks a bit odd for a A. version?


Yes,I’m a little freewheeling😣 Lacking of enquiries.

Okay… :slight_smile:
Maybe, if you were not aware of this already, this helps:

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Roger, roger.:smiley: Actually,I found panzer I in three colors,and took it for granted to believe pz4 did. Thanks for pointing it out,I will do more research next time before painting. If there’s a degree of researching reality in history,mine probably is 50%:wink:(basic camouflage,layouts etc.)

Yes I agree Wade. Great collection but the brown camo is my favorite. You see them that often


There are plenty Panzer 4 tanks in 3 colour camouflage, but Ausf A is a very early version, which was phased out by long in 1943.
Research is part of the fun for me…

@UBCS there was a three color camo used between 1927-1937 that might be of interest.

German-armor-camouflage Pre-War

Buntfarbenanstrich (colorful paint pattern). The pattern used three colors:

RAL Nr. 17 Erdgelb-matt (matt earth yellow),

RAL Nr. 18 Braun-matt (matt brown)

RAL Nr. 28 Grün-matt (matt green)

Given the Panzer IV was designed in ~1936, there’s possibly a little wiggle room for a 3 color early Panzer IV A in 1937. I’m not sure when the first Ausf A’s were delivered etc but I think delivery started ~ November 1937.


two thumbs up for the dual also.


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I meant to say “you don’t see them often “

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@Armor_Buff Great information!I’ll continue to search throughout web😀

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