Panzer IV - Corraling "The Workhorse"

Some are, some aren’t. If Stronggarden is interested there’s a link.

Lot of folks are focused on the newer state of the art kits and not into the old stuff from decades ago.

It’s all good regardless of if folks are more into the new kits or older.


Oh man, Your patience…


Hey Guys, Sorry for the late reply. I’m prob only maybe interested in using those old plastic kits in the stash as practice fodder. :grin:
Just don’t have the time right now to attempt any super detailing on any kit, ancient or otherwise.
Big Thank you Wade nonetheless, greatly appreciate the feedback.
Cheers :beer:
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:


A+++ I definitely understand that!

Plenty of old dogs in the stash here too that will just get slapped together out of box and painted. Old kits are great for testing new paints & new techniques.


Added markings today, weathering pencils & hand painted.

Will tone the white down after it cures over night.

Moving on to finishing a base for the model. Sanded basswood base from Hobby Lobby.

Applying Minwas Pre-stain.

Minwax Dark Walnut stain.


Looks great Wade, as you say the 414 needs toning down a bit. Minor point of order – the barrel washer/sponge thingy – same colour as its handle? Experten will know what colour it really was but presumably it would be a lightish…or darkish…or middle-ish grey?


That’s a very steady hand there Wade! Excellent numbering.


@Dioramartin Tim, thank you.

The barrel cleaning kit, my guess is old wood & new wood for handle and canvas cover buff. My raw umber wash just shifted all of the colors to practical monotone! Lol :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat:

I’ll tweak the canvas cover with a panzer gray wash and fight the monotone. Thank you again for mentioning that as it clearly needs a tweak.

@SSGToms Matt, thank you. Your builds and comments are key in deciding to trying new methods. Very much appreciated.


Kicking around composition. Thoughts & comments appreciated.

  1. Eight sided

  1. Arrow


Or does that look ridiculous like a Pz IV goes Surfing :man_surfing: :ocean: :thinking:?

Thank you


Cowabunga, dude! … 86 the Agents of Shield base! IMHO.



That’s a no from me on the shield as well. :face_vomiting:


Wade, your latest Panzer IV is beautiful. The intricate splatter scheme you created in the panzer gray looks really sharp. I definitely will give that a try on something. The tracks also look really good, especially edge on. Once again, your jack block is perfect. :slightly_smiling_face: You must have a fantastic collection.

I am painting a very similar vehicle but going in a very different direction. It is really fun exploring the myriad artistic possibilities available for painting these vehicles.

You should definitely host a Workhorse campaign in 2024 or 2025.


I would go with the eight sided base. I think that looks the best. Love your work, btw! It’s superb and always looks great!


Thank you everyone for the excellent comments on the base selection. They were most helpful.

Eight wheels, eight sides equals an octagon base for the completed model.

Happy to have #3 for the year wrapped.


Another outstanding build here Wade. You certainly do justice to the venerable Panzer IV. Excellent build and detailing and exceptional paintwork. You actually make Dunkelgrau interesting, not an easy task. The tracks look fantastic. Great model.


Wade (and other interested parties), I just noticed that there are a bunch of sellers on ebay with the RFM Pz III/IV workable tracks in winterketten (RM5084) for about $22 shipped. I don’t think these are released until September as HobbyLink says so on their site but ebay is $2 to ship as opposed to HL’s $15. Seems more like a preorder but shipping from China always feels like I’m preordering anyway.

Anyway, a cheaper alternative to winterketten other than metal, resin, or 3D. I think they’re a little cheaper than the QuickTracks that came out recently.


Great finish up on this one


@SSGToms Matt, thank you. Much appreciated!

@brekinapez , definitely appreciate the heads up! Those can many potential uses. Thank you!

@Tojo72 Anthony, thank you, I appreciate you taking time to look very much!

Panzer IV In-Depth Look Ep. 1 of 3 - Restoration Passion visits Panzerfabrik

Pretty cools set of videos with a restored Pz IV H. Worth a look if you’re into Pz IV’s.

While on always has to be a little cautious about details on restoration vehicles, there are outstanding close up shots showing details that are normally not visible in the typical photo. Underside double bolted attachment of side skirt mounts for example.

Video’s are novice friendly as the host asks many of the questions that often first come to a casual viewer.

Panzerfabrik: Panzer-iv-build-boldly-into-2021-weeks-62-to-66

Panzerfabrik’s website is also very interesting!

Imagine that package arriving one morning!

Serious restoration work having to have some parts custom made to original or near original spec.


If someone is not interestet in something there is no need to watch at it. Of course the models today are on a lot higher level but I like some older stuff too. Airfix, ESCI or Italeri for example have some evergreens in their range and I like them. When you watch the pictures of this older Panzer IV you can see what can be made of them.
I hope to see more✌


Great work and info so far. However one simple question. Can anyone offer the title of the definitive PzKw IV reference book? Thanks in advance