Panzer IV - Corraling "The Workhorse"

Thank you, Danny.

Not sure that we’ve seen that information all bound in one volume yet.

These two classics are outstanding. Book 2 is a Godsend if one is really interested in the Pz IV ausf’s. Own both but Book 2 is the one I consistently pull off of the shelf.

Craig Ellis’s Eight Wheels Good Pzkpfw-iv-at-the-front-update series of books are outstanding. These are print on demand. I have several volumes and consider them excellent.

However for one stop shopping related to model building, I think the two Achtung Panzer Book #1 & #3 are unmatched. They aren’t perfect but they have proven most useful overall of the ~two dozen of Pz IV books on my book shelf.


The two books are basically the same. However #1 has a Pz IV build that wasn’t reprinted in #3. I think there was a copyright or license issue with the model build in #1 caused it to go out of publication quickly and #3 was accordingly issued to replace it. Both are available used.

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^^^ #3 is the most frequently used reference in my whole library.


+1 for the Spielberger Book 2. Indispensable Panzer IV reference.


Congratulations! This is one of the best Panzer IVs I have ever seen!



Bill, thank you!
That’s kind of you and much appreciated.


My pleasure!

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Thanks! I ordered #3, a bit pricey, however from what you wrote it should be worth the price and wait…appreciate the heads up


Danny, sweet! I hope #3 will prove it’s value to you as it has to me. Let me know what you think.

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WILCO! Ill gove my opinion as soon as i get it. Tha ks again.