Panzerjager IV Kruppvorschlag 88mm Pak 43 L/71

I’ve had this “Paper Panzer” shelf queen packed away for more than a decade. Accidently found while moving other kits around, I decided to resurrect it this past January. The reference photo (not my vehicle) represents the 1/35 conversion kit from Fine Cast Models, and is the Panzerjager IV Kruppvorschlag 88mm Pak 43 L/71, and I matched to a Tamiya Panzer IV kit (of an unknown model/series). I’m sure any Panzer IV would suffice. One other thing…I’m not sure if this ‘company’ is still in business. Finding this conversion also seems to be extremely rare/difficult as well.

So, since January 2024, I started tearing things down, reconstructing, and rebuilding…a little at a time. Even though the 88 shown on drawings is supposedly one of the examples the Germans considered, the kit 88 was warped to the point that it was useless. Enter the parts box. I had an extra 88, with a muzzle brake, and decided that since this was a paper panzer, I would use it on this build.

One of the first order of business is to deal with all those beautiful weld beads German SPG’s all share. Enter ‘green putty’. I began adding/modifying some of those jewels. It’s a finicky process but aren’t they all! Just a few are shown for the moment. Lots more to do.

This vehicle never saw the manufacturing light of day.


I’ll be watching! Looks good so far. :grin:


Thanx! Lots to do just yet. Technology passed this kit up, and its donor chassis, more than 20 years ago. Playing catchup.


Minor update: added more weld beads to the top, and to finish up the access door/hatch structure. Added brass pull handle to door and brass antenna.


Little bit of an update:

The cleaning rod set is a product of Passion Models, out of Japan and in 3D gray color. While the rod assembly is for a Panzer IV 75mm gun, it’s applied here in a factory setting for setting up bracketry for the 88mm this vehicle carries.

Added skirt bracket plates from TRex, in 3d tan color, out of China, and is applied to both sides of the vehicle. Vehicle number “02” is cut from sprue. The 2 tool stowage clamps on the side of the engine deck are also 3D Passion Models. Barely seen are brass rod lift handles for engine deck access panels, and for the antenna.


Following your build. I actually have one of these in the stash. Rescued it from the bottom of a vendors bargain bin at a show. I wasn’t too concerned about the quality of the kit or the actual tank’s validity. It was $10 and looked cool. Mine came with a very crappy Italeri Panzer IV kit to build it on - I’m going to bin the Italeri and buy a Tamiya Panzer IV G as a base kit. Seeing yours has inspired me, I’ll have to get mine out and build it for the Sci-Fi Category at AMPS.
Your model is coming along excellent. All the little details are adding up and making the model very interesting. I like the “02” Wanne number. It displays the experimental nature of the vehicle. Keep detailing and this is going to be a real looker. Imagination is your only limit!


I thought to myself that this vehicle never saw the light of day, and being only a ‘paper’ panzer’, why not give myself a bit of literary license when I decided to resurrect this build from shelf queen status. So, I’ve been looking around the 'net for factory builds and saving what photos I think appropriate. Also, to my advantage, I’ve had Adam Wilder’s 1/35 factory markings making this build a huge plus and will surely add to that battle tested unfinished look I’m seeking. That application is a few weeks off into the future (still working other shelf queens as well).

Question: why would you build for a AMPS sci-fi category? Or, is that your intent forgoing a paper panzer build?? Either way, it will be an unrestrained build not held to historical accurate standards for both you and me. Post your build here too! I have other parts on order for this build, so, it will quite some time before I’m close to being finished…giving you time to catch up! Kinda like a ‘buddy build’! :grin: :+1:

One other thought came to mind…I never showed a full-length pic of the 88mm I’m using, so, here it is! It’s been painted black and will stay that way while I’ll dress up the Pz IV chassis with a bit of desert sand here and there.


Hi Jack!
“Sci-Fi” in AMPS means any fictitious military vehicle, or paper panzer. So, this tank would fit better in Sci-Fi than in Closed Top pre-1945 Axis. Plus, if I can build fast enough, that gives me another open slot to enter in.
I’ll be happy to post my progress here alongside your model. I will be building mine on a historically accurate basis, so it will be cool to see the contrasts. Might be a little while, though. I’ll have to see.


It’s been a while since I’ve entered/judged an AMPS contest, so, I’ve forgotten they had a Sci-Fi category…but way cool! I’ll most likely keep mine as a ‘what if’ WW2 German build. Like you mention, it will be great to see the contrast of both vehicles here. Get building!!

And since you’re a campaign guru, you could make this a ‘what-if’, or 'paper panzer/allied design thread! Just a thought…


Minor update: added 4 each 3D lifting hooks from Heavy Hobby (HH35001) and a brass MG 34 from Master Brass (GM-35-028).