Panzers 1/100 corner

Hey all!
I just finished my first 3D printed model on my Creality LD-002R. It was printed in grey resin then painted as you would any other model. I downloaded the files from Thingiverse, scaled to 1/144 and printed them.
There are a few print lines that show under the camera but are barley noticeable in real life.
@Canmedic @Armor_Buff @Chris_Bryan I think you guys might find this interesting.

I painted it Dunkelgelb with a winter whitewash.

Here you can compare the size to my fingers.

For the size Im quite happy with the results!

I also have a Stug iii early and late printed that I will be painting up as well in different camos.


Awwww, it’s adorable. I’m sure that if you take good care it’ll grow up to be a big tough assault gun one day.

I’m really impressed how clean and crisp that looks for 1/144 Ezra. I’d go blind painting it though.



I’m crushing your StuG. :joy:


That’s what she said?

Really cool little tank!


Chicken lady still kills me to this day.


Ezra, that a very impressive result. Looks perfect for table top gaming etc. A++

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What!!! No track sag!!! :rofl:

Very Cute Ezra. At that size, it is just big enough to be able to avoid the carpet monster.

I’m with Don though, way too small for my eyes to cope with. I can’t even see the print line you mentioned…

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She’s so cute.

What was the ‘designed’ scale? Is it multiple parts?

Also very nice scale appropriate paint job.

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That is amazing . How do you like thingverse?
Just remember to give it plenty of water and shermans to eat.
Take it out often and be a responsible stug owner and one day it will grow up.


outstanding work again Ezra!

now are you going to do any crew figures for it :grinning::sunglasses:


Very nice Ezra! Looks very cool! I’m sure with your imagination you’ll be printing things like a madman.

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Thanks guys!
@Mousemuffins Im fairly sure the designed scale was 1/100ish although people who printed it at the designed scale said it was bigger then that. And its just a single part.

@Chris_Bryan thanks man! I love Thingiverse, its so simple to use and they have pretty much any subject you could want to model.

I’m sure with your imagination you’ll be printing things like a madman.

Well I already have printed 4 Sextons, 2 Badgers, 2 Pz.i Bison, R-35, Ft-17, Cougar MRAP and 3 Stug iii’s so your not far off. :rofl:

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And you haven’t shared this with the class why?


Well you guys are gonna see enough of them in the Micro Machines Campaign so I dont wanna force em in your face. :sweat_smile:

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Hey that’s cheating! No printing until the 30th! Disqualified!


Ooh no! Disqualified from my own campaign… :frowning:

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That’s really cool! I’ll have to check out Thingiverse to see what they have. Might be able to print out some stuff on my son’s 3-D printer.

@Panzer_modeler Yes, do share!


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Thanks James!

Heres a little teaser to my next stuG iii, this time a early production.

You wouldn’t believe how much fun I’m having with these!


Nice. Maybe Santa will bring you these for Christmas Ezra…

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Yea Peter! I defiantly need those for the base I’m doing for the it. Tomorrow I’m gonna go in and paint each individual leaf a brighter autumn color.

I think it will look cool nuf when done!