Panzers 3D printing corner

Hey all! So @DennisatAutoloader’s 3D printed thread inspired me to get back into printing on my Creality LD-002r resin printer.

My first test prints were beautiful NLAW’s and C-7’s. To save on resin (and time) I loaded up my print bed with multiple of the same file but at different angles.
(I also slightly tilted the C-7’s)

Then 3 hours later I was left with this.

My idea of setting them at different heights worked perfectly!

The lowest NLAW failed

The mid failed to some extent as well. The details were extremely soft.

But the highest (45 degrees) worked perfectly!

And the C-7s all printed fine! I had a problem with two of the front sights breaking off while printing but I think that could be easily fixed. Also, it turns out I didn’t have to tilt them.

Overall Im really happy!

Right now I have 50 or so Russian ERA blocks printing for my T-72.


Ok so after a 51 minute print the ERA blocks are done. A few didn’t print so Im gonna have to clean off my FEP screen. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Overall Im happy with the quality and will prolly have to print at least another 2 sheets to cover my T-72.

I also may or may not be working on a 1/35 Cope Cage in Blender…


Heres the Cope Cage so far!

Now time to go in and make sure every beam is equal.


Wow! That’s amazingly sweet! Very nicely done Ezra!

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Thanks Wade!

The Cope Cage is done!!! Im really gonna push my printers to the edge printing this.


By the way guys @Panzer_modeler has set his bottom exposure time at 50 (FIFTY!) seconds.

Isn’t that too much? He will burn the screen.

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That was the default time my printer was set for. :sweat_smile:
I haven’t had any problems with it yet!

Ooh yea… my printer couldn’t cope with the Cope Cage :pensive:

Back to the drawing board eh?

Ooh yea I think its time to print a few 1/100 tanks… :wink:

Ezra, are you set up so that you can scan a part, say a road wheel in 1/35 scale and alter the size to 1/32 scale and print it?

Asking for an old friend sitting on the shelf a 1970 release Monogram Pz IV.

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Yea you could definitely do that, or what might be simpler is get a 1/35 Pz. IV roadwheel STL and simply resize then print it.

Much cheaper too, scanners cost an arm and a leg

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@Panzer_modeler Ezra, what’s an STL?

Special CAD file type for 3D printer?


Exactly Wade! I can look into doing that if you want. :grin:


Wow Ezra!
I would greatly appreciate it!
Will be happy cover costs.
Thank you!

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STL means STereoLithography, it is required format for 3D printing.


I believe it actually means standard triangulation language where the object is broken down into small interlocking triangles.


Interesting work Ezra, I have been playing with my Creality Halot One and steeper angles on some of my prints definitly pay off. However I have a life raft print that prints fine but I break the floor netting getting the supports off. Did get these though,
The capstan controls and the capstan itself are resin prints, the Hand wheels are 0.5mm thick, the capstan speed control is only 14mm tall. For detail I am sold, resin is best, but it is much more fiddly than FDM


Very cool Andrew! Resin printers are definitely really cool.

Wheels for @Armor_Buff done. I will need to print 2 sheets to get enough wheels.


My first print tomorrow will be a few Browning Hi-powers, german fire extinguishers, empty tool clamps, test prints of the wheels, and a few NLAWs I will be shipping to people.

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Holy cow Ezra!!! That’s fast and impressive!!!:clap: Thank you!

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