Panzers in Zhitomir

I’ve kind of started on this. I hope to be able to complete this scene by the end of the year:

There are three vehicles and the wreck of a 4th:
Panzer IV G in the foreground
Panzer IV G or H leading it
the abandoned truck is, I believe, a Ford 6 - I will use a German Ford
i’m not sure what the wreck is in front of it

I’ve made a couple of failed attempts at doing the irregular cobblestone but will continue to work on it. Not at all sure how to do the buildings in back so it will be a bit of a learning experience.


Lots to do Phil and looking forward to it as you progress… I think you can be allowed a bit of artistic licence with the 2nd wreck… The 3 main ones are the Pzr IVs and the truck…
The buildings will be impressive as well… Great subject :+1::+1:

So I’m already thinking about a follow-on next year as I’ve found more pictures of this scene. There is a wrecked Gaz-AA behind the Panzer IV and I think another wrecked Gaz-AA behind it pulling a 76mm artillery piece. Both of the wrecks are serious wrecks but the zis-3 looks pretty in tact.

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I seriously think this is a type of build you could keep going for years… There are just so many great pictures of vehicles to choose from.

I agree, very Dioramartinisc with his Operation Anthropoid build.

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I’ve been watching Dioramartin’s Operation Anthropoid and there is now way I can do that kind of work! I can build the kits - I think I have a way to build the irregular cobblestone street - I hope I can figure out a way to scratch some bombed out buildings…

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Hey Phil that’s a great scene to recreate, it probably shows the fighting of November 1943 during the Red Army’s advance towards the Dneiper & Kiev. Thanks for the comp re Anthropoid but believe me, I didn’t know how to do most of it when I started & I’m still struggling right now. Trial & error’s often the only way – you mentioned burned out trucks, try this when no-one’s looking. Wrap/press/burnish/glue baking-tray-grade foil really tightly to the plastic body panels & other components of a really cheap old Zvedza GAZ truck…

throw on a mangled tangled mess of wires, shreds of baking tray/metal, bits of spare PE & wood etc. Light the blue touch paper…

…until all plastic burns away leaving an instant wreck…

Bombed out buildings? Could start with the MiniArt Russian/Ukraine classic facades (like this one I extended out back with Styrofoam walls & balsa timbers) & then have fun lovingly ruining ‘em with piles of debris …

OK no more photobombing, apologies & hope it might help :tumbler_glass:


what? that is an incredible idea about creating a wreck and it looks like a lot of what is left of vehicles in the pictures i have! i wish i had an old kit to try it on right now!

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Very cleverly thought with that burnt out truck option…

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Alexei on the ML website pointed me to a video, which happens to be on YouTube: