Past Photography shooting of models and guns to building models and guns

Some of the equipment I used to use back when I was heavily into photography. 10 years ago.


Story: pretty simple pic. Interesting story. The owner of the Cobra wrote the software that is used for every trade on the stock market. He gets a 1 cent royalty with every stock transaction.

This Cobra is valued at over $3 million dollars. That was 10 years ago.


Or Models?

How to top Bradley in a Bradley? Cougar in a Cougar? Hummer in a Hummer? Or one for our friends who like their girls a little thicky thick - Husky in a Husky?
Oh, the possibilites!


This is my basic stuff. My first year. I did over 200 modeling shoots in and outside of studio before stopping.

Did a lot of work with this model. She’s has brains also.

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Medal of Honor- 3 Medal of Honor recipients that I had the HONOR of shaking there hands back in 2011. They are the same men some of you might know from the movie We Were Soldiers starring Mel Gibson.

All four were featured in the movie. Air Calvary baby.

The author is Joe Galloway, Bronze star second from the left.


Story: tinkering with edits, but fact is everything is edited, nothing in mags is real, and when you work with enough models, you get burnt out. The constant chase for fame gets old. And that is why you will never see my name on any work I have ever done.

Story: a 200mph Mustang many years ago. 1500HP. Parents are in Turkish oil business. He was fresh in college, his brother a soph, drove an orange McLaren.

None of the lights in this pic are real. it was all added in post.

Part of this group.

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You said "shooting models and guns. However I had a different idea in mind. But I like your version as well!

shooting a stang middle of the day, all ground lighting and car lighting is added. No above lighting was on.

No lighting playing with edit in post. No water in this shot.

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playing with edits probably two strobes used in this one.

blowouts on purpose to do engine focus.

two strobes, rest in edit. No headlights being on.

Studio with stobes. And the before shot of the room it was shot in.

Studio with stobes to winter edit.

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Extreme cars 2013.

@TopSmith If you really like car photography check out Pepper Yandel. He is from Dallas and we have shot some of the same things. However he takes it to another level.

He worked with Richard Rolling at the TV show Gas Monkey fast and Loud and shot the F40 that was part of there series for awhile. The one that was totaled and rebuilt.

Here is a video of a normal amount of work to do what people see in magazines. It was shot in the Kyle Warren park tunnel. Smoke and mirrors.

Also if you have Netflix he is on the second season of Fastest Car and ends up winning the series.

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Interesting video. I do some amateur beginners photography but nothing what you have done. It’s a lot of work to fully understand lighting and the advantages/disadvantages of one’s equipment/cameras.

A good friend is a professional photographer here locally that took me under his wings and showed me few trick, but I have a long road a head. He is opening his gallery here soon and it will feature mix of stuff from his days in the AF to nature.

Photography requires a commitment and passion. Thanks for sharing your work.

I use to teach during my organized shoots sometimes. It was fun teaching the newest camera owners, but many times with the models I lined up it drew a lot of photo creeps out of the wood work. Doing natural lighting was my fav with models, then studio. But even outdoor used strobes almost always.

This McLaren had an unfortunate demise about an hour later on the way to Houston during its rally. I think the story was it lost control around 170mph on the highway before ending up in the storage building. Both passengers were fine.

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