I will say right up front I am blaming SSG Toms.
He posted a review knowing full well I have no will power to refuse a good tool.

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A head to head comparison of Godhand vs. Zoukei – Mura

So I immediately go to Michigan Toy Soldier to order one of these smooth as butter nippers.
While there I strayed from my task and my eye was dazzled by another tool.



Ceramic Knife (Flat Blade)



MSRP: $36.99


Shiny new tool, don’t have a ceramic knife, gotta have it!

Well today the tools arrived!!!
Cool nippers!!
and… the knife???

My assumption is that a knife comes with a “sharp” edge but as hard as I looked I couldn’t find one. At first I thought this was a plastic cover covering the blade , but no this is the blade.
I recall hearing somewhere that as a last resort you should read the instructions.
I fish those back out of the trash can where all instructions live and I again was perplexed.

Now I am at the mercy of your experience or your ability to read Japanese as to what I am to do with this “blade”.

Is it a scraper to remove seams? Am I to figure out how to sharpen it?
Is this a sculpting tool masquerading as a knife?

From the page you linked from Michigan Toy:
“This Ceramic Knife is great for finishing your SD’s seams. The ceramic surface cuts through the hard resin smoothly, but will not cut you!
To use your Ceramic Knife you should gently scrape down the area you want to trim. Use a shaving motion to slowly trim off the part you would like to take off. The blade cuts through the resin very easily so be careful not to cut into the material, or to move it from side to side as you might take out more than you intended!
We recommend the Flat Blade for all general uses.”

Seems more like a file/sanding stick than a knife. Or maybe a plane (the woodworking tool not wingy thing).

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A miniature card scraper on a stick?
To be used instead of ruining nr 11 blades

Full size card scraper:

You can use google lens to translate it. Also Translate text from photos from English and other languages – Yandex.Translate

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Hmmm……looks like an expensive seam scraper. Almost tricked me into buying it too. I will stick with this guy on hand for that. UMM-USA

Well…, I normally use the back side of an x-acto #11 blade for scraping, so I sorta bought a
Maybe it will make things go “smoother”…

Thank you all for joining me on this voyage of discovery,


It is a seam scraper. I have a similar one with a curved blade. It is superb for getting rid of seams and is my go-to weapon for cleaning parts. You use the edge of the blade to scrape. It never has to be sharpened. I’ve been using mine for about 3 years with no hint of dulling. I may have to give this blade shape a try.

I had a ceramic kitchen knife. It worked great until I dropped it and it shattered.

I have had one of these for years and use it on resin figures. It works great, and like it says you won’t slice you hand open if you slip up. It works well on plastic too. Is it the end all be all? Nope. But it is a good tool for what it needs to do. The circle ones are great for folds of clothing or saddle shaped areas. Again no gouging of a pointy thing.


Might have to get on of these, I detest seam scraping with my #11 I never seem to do a good job

I use needle files instead of scraping seams …