Personal Favourites - What and Why? . . . .

I started this (purely discussion) thread 5 years ago, and it has been revived recently, so I thought it might be time to transfer to the new site to keep the chat rolling!

Along the way it grew from a simple “Top 5” into “5 Props and 5 Jets”, so we can try to stick with that format, difficult as it may be!

For me (in no particular order):
5 Props - P-47 (Razorback), P-61, CAC Boomerang, Beaufighter, Typhoon/Tempest
5 Jets - Me262, F-111, Mirage, F-4 Phantom, SR-71

Please remember, this is about personal favourites, there is no right and wrong, just what and why, so fire away and share your thoughts. Also, we all love to see great images!

Cheers, D

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Top 5 Props:

  1. Tempest F.6, Painted high speed silver
  2. Hs.129
  3. A-36 Apache
  4. Me.109
  5. AC-130

    Top 5 Jets:
  6. A-6 Intruder
  7. F-35C
  8. X-47B Pegasus
  9. F-15E Strike Eagle
  10. F-16I Sufa

5 x Props
Bristol Beaufighter

Fw-190D series

MC.205 Veltro


B-25 Mitchell

Honorable mentions; P-61, P-38, Hawker Sea Fury, Bristol F.2B

5 x Jets
Sepecat Jaguar (this one wants a belly rub)

North American RA-5C Vigilante

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker family

Grumman A-6 Intruder

Grumman F-14 Tomcat (VF-101)

Lastly one that has a toe in both camps
Convair B-36 Peacemaker, 6 turning, 4 burning

Adding Whirlybirds
Kamov Ka-50/52

Westland Navy Lynx

Mi-26 Halo

CH-53K King Stallion

AH-1Z Viper




Piaggio Avanti

Bae Jetstream


Thought I would join in as we all have favourites … ( Don’t tell the children lol )

  1. AC130 gunship… It’s a flying tank, how could I not love it ?:grin:
  2. P51D
  3. FW - 190
  4. Tempest/Typhoon
  5. B17


  1. F4 Phantom
  2. B1 Lancer - the most beautiful aircraft ever IMHO
  3. F14 Tomcat.
  4. Vulcan.
  5. Me 262.


Props (stretching the rule a little bit)
F4U Corsair
F6F Hellcat
AH-1J Cobra
CH-46 Seaknight
V-22 Osprey

F-8 Crusader
F9F Panther
A-4 Skyhawk
F4D Skyray
FJ-2 Fury

I just like the lines of all of these and the Crusader is the ultimate fighter: great lines, guns and bombs.

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Ah this my kind of conversation, ooo let’s see . . .

  1. Grumman F3F
  2. Grumman F6F-5
  3. Vought F4U-4
  4. North American P51- B,C,D,K
  5. Gumman TBF Avenger
    . . and SBD Dauntless, and SB2C Helldiver, and P39

Fast Movers . .

  1. F4J Fury
  2. F4D Skyray
  3. F9F Panther/Cougar
  4. The entire Century series
  5. F4 Phantom
    Okay I didn’t play by the rules but you get started talkin’ combat aircraft and I get stoopid, anything Grumman builds is just badass, how can you possibly narrow the list down to five favs, there’s A5’s, A4’s, S2’s, A6’s and the big birds like the B47 (great movie by the way), and the B25 and the A26K, and the B36 . . man I can’t do it! I love 'em all, Birddogs, Mohawks, Harriers, Jaguars, Tomahawks, Kingfishers.
    I’m sorry my bad, too much coffee I guess. Oh no wait, I got so excited I almost forgot the P38 and the F7F now that’s a sexy darn airplane. And then there’s that oddball turbo prop jet plane I can’t even remember his name, too late for WWII. Whew, oh my, is it warm in here to you? I need to step into the other room for a minute, excuse me.
    LOL, Cajun

Propeller driven. Hard choices to make as there are a lot I like.
1 P-47 D. Both the razorback and bubbletop, but I won’t turn anything with the R2800 down.
2. P-40. First model and stuck in my mind as what a fighter is supposed to look like.
3. B-24 D .Story of Ploesti is stuck with me.
4. B-25 C/D Another early model kit. I like the look of the strafers.
5. Ki-84 Elegant and functional, and better than the Japanese knew.

Jet Propelled

  1. F-16C Used to watch them fly over the house all day long.
  2. F-4 Phantom Remember seeing these perform at airshows when I was little.
  3. A-4 Skyhawk Another early model. Can’t ever seem to find one in stock.
  4. EA-6B Everybody loves tadpoles!
  5. A-10. Probably because of the Thunderbolt name.

And since it was already brought up, Rotorcraft

  1. CH-47 I must have been about 5 when several flew over the house. Another that stuck in my head.
  2. CH-53E Just amazing to look at.
  3. AH-64 Who doesn’t want one?
  4. HH-43 I like how it looks. Wishing for a kit.
  5. OH-6 Can do almost everything.

Testors made one and AMP is coming out with a new one. Link

Ooh I didnt know we could include choppers! Here’s my top 5.

  1. MH-60 DAP
  2. AH-Z Viper
  3. Ah-6 Little bird
  4. AH-64
  5. M-24 Hind

Tough call to narrow down to five of each type…
1 Hawker Sea Fury
2 FW 190A
3 P-47
4 P-38
5 TBD-1

1 F-105
2 F-104
3 F-111
4 Harrier GR1/GR3
5 A-4 Skyhawk

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I’ll play…

P-51 because my Father flew one in WW2
Ju 87 because it was the most threatening looking a/c

Ju 88 because it was the first a/c I was able to crawl all over (1960 U.S.A.F museum, the Junkers and others were parked outside with access scaffolding and ladders, I was a kid with my dad and the staff was pretty accommodating.

P-47 because it’s just an awesome a/c

My favorite a/c

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Yeah, no rules mate!

I think it’s great to see what other folks are into, and why.

Cheers, D

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I don’t really have 5 favorite jets. I like the phantom a lot, but beyond that, don’t think too much about them.

For props, picking 5 is very hard. The top 3 spots are easy - held by the BoB Fighters (the 109e, the Spit, and the Hurricane) but I don’t think I could rank them. I like those planes because they were involved in the Battle of Britain, which is a landmark air battle. I also like them because I think each of them are elegant in a way. After that, I’d have to put the Albatros, but not sure whether it would be the DV or the DIII. The 5th is so hard as I like the Nieuports and the SE5 a lot, but there is also the F4U Corsair and the P-38. I guess everything except the Corsair and the P-38 are on the list mostly because of their looks. I won’t say the Albatros is elegant but it has a certain look that is really cool. The Corsair and the P-38 largely because of the uniqueness of their designs. I guess I do like the way the Corsair looks also.

Years ago, while the Iron Curtain just lifted and information about airplanes from the Other Side was still scarce, I received a gift from my then GF.
She graduated Archeology and went to Germany to do her Ph.D.
At her first coming home for Christmas, she brought me a present- a 450 pages full colour Encyclopedia of Aircraft, covering all periods, branches and producers.

From the several thousand airplanes in this book, I fell in love with the Hawker Sea Fury(prop):

And the Gruman F9F-6/F-9 Cougar(jet):

I was- and still I am- astonished by their sleek design and harmonic proportions.If someday I try building aircraft models, I will definitely start with those 2 beauties.