Pictures from Calgary military museum

I went to the Calgary military museum the other day. If anyone is in the Calgary area, I highly recommended it! It has a wing dedicated to the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light infantry, The Kings own Calgary regiment, the Calgary Highlanders, and newish naval and air wing museusms. I took over 300 pictures which can be found in the following links for anyone interested. There is a little something for everyone. Scale models, tanks, aircraft, naval guns, etc!


Man I really wish someone would put out a plastic Ferret…

Thanks for the pics man, lots of neat things in there.

They are a pretty neat little vehicle!

No problem! It’s a fantastic little museum.
My favourite was the 1/96 scale Bismarck designed to shoot .22 cal blanks

Nice images Mead. Looks like a good little place to have on your doorstep :+1::+1:

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Thank for sharing, looks a nice museum with well presented exhibits

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