Pier 51

Hi folks,

Many, many years ago now I set myself the challenge of building a Harbour to display the Landing Craft that were starting to be produce in 1/35 scale. Many things got started, built, but as always life takes over so eventually everything got packed up and moved to the new home. Several years of renovation and building work later and I finally got around to start the base to house this idea. Much has developed over the years, new LCs, MTBs, X Craft and even a new LCA. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Anyway, I started to look for the various builds and elements to restart the project. (I don’t know how many times I moved boxes from room to room until most of what wasn’t immediately needed got put up in the attic). I had bought several of the Italia Dock kits quite a few years ago as a possibility to use. Being nicely squared off didn’t fit with the original design, so after a bout of motivation and much sawing later I finally got around to setting out the base.





I haven’t yet found all the parts I need, the lifting boom for the coal crane and the stairs for same are somewhere in a box in the attic, hopefully. The lighthouse needs some small damage repair from all the moving around and I will probably require a new set of boats as the others are loaded for landing.

It’s a start and a major step forward and hopefully this time I will get it finished.


Great start… Going to look pretty impressive

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Many thanks for looking in.Time will tell. As most of the boats will be flat bottomed I had though about modelling the sea bed with just the start of the tide coming in. Have to see how that might work out. Still lots of painting required on the harbour walls etc.

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Great idea. I had toyed around with a similar idea for a submarine. Looking forward to your build.

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Pier 51 reminds me of Area 51. So A pier with water. Press the hull into the water with mold release on it and when it dries, remove the hull leaving a “hole” in the water indicating an invisible stealth boats presence. Have some thin wire as a frame for a string that will be the tie off rope to the pier. Let some super glue soak the string and let it dry. Remove the wire. Now the string is suspended in the air to the invisible boat.


Many thanks for looking in Gill and Mr S. I spent a little time re-attaching some furniture inside the Light house and sorting out the other elements. These are old pictures of the inside office space



The Genny room that fits above. Again old pics. I’ll post some updates when the light is better and I’ve made some more progress.



Some images of how the potential key side lay out might be. Not sure if I’ll use the goods wagons. Just checking what will fit best and where.






Detailing is looking superb Alan. The quay side is looking very realistic, lots of movement going on. I like the DUKW going down the ramp, thats cool.
On a side note regarding the goods wagons, personally, for me they make it a bit cramped in that area ? just my thoughts. Maybe just crates and some figures ?? But the whole thing is looking brilliant.

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Hi Johnny, thanks for the feedback. Nothings fixed down yet. I tend to agree the goods wagons make it look a bit cramped and I’ve only seen one pier where they ran rails above ground. The Italia rails were too wide for UK stock and the angles of the pier make running a track more difficult. As there are a variety of figures to populate the pier that would be a good idea.


I should be able to get 4 or 5 different boats in the harbour. Given that the tide goes in and out twice a day and that the LCs are flat bottomed I had thought of having them ‘beached’ with the tide just starting to come in. If I did that I could have a couple of Jeeps loading up from the beach, even some troops . The coal crane was originally conceived as being on the back pier, if I move it there it frees up a lot of open ground in front of the Lighthouse. I have to repair the railings that got damaged in the move and of all the things I can’t find are to crane boom and stairs. More box searching required. There is alwasy a lot of moving things around once you start.

Thanks again.



I like how the truck looks now it has changed position. The idea of the landing craft being beached is good, with some water just being visible at the edge or in small puddles.


This is a remarkable amount of work for 1/35 scale. Everything is exquisitely detailed. The lighthouse is a diorama unto itself. A port is a busy place and you are certainly conveying that with excellence. The vehicles exhibit the same high standard of finishing as the scenery. The DUKW is a welcome addition. That’s an outstanding model! I look forward to you finding more elements of this scene and watching your progress on this project.


Thanks Johnny, Given its early 44 time frame I will probably use a different truck as the colours had changed to OD/Green. I have somewhere, not yet built, a Naffi wagon which would go well outside the Lighthouse. Something else to find.Thanks again.


Thanks Tom, Many of the pieces I made over 10 years ago. The Light House was a kind donation from a friend although the painting and finish are my efforts. I’ve a good selection of figures to populate it with and I want a US/Brit/Civilian flavour to the scene. Boat wise an LCM, LCVP, probably two LCAs and if it’s doable and real and LCPL propped up on one side and roped in to one pier under repair. An LCPR would be nice but the one I have is the old revelle kit and 4ft short and I don’t want to get divert there yet.
Anyway I’ll see how it comes together space wise as things progress.




A couple of more pictures of the radio room, snug and generator room






A couple of close ups of the roof and outside.








Massive dio, looks great. Where did you get that light house, did you scratch build that? Pretty decent work if you did, excellent.

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Hi PB2, thanks for looking in and your comments. Regarding the Lighthouse it was a contribution from a friend in America more than 10 years ago when I first decided on the idea.


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Hi folks, I have been doing a little more on the dio. darkened down the posts, some colour to the fisherman’s hut, tires on the iron work, reattached the railings to the coal crane and placed a couple of boats around to get an idea of what might be best for the layout within the harbour walls. Also working on some bulk ammo cans and petrol cans.










Mate that looks cracking. Initially I was unsure if the amount of LC’s you mentioned would work in that space … worry averted !! The 3 look very good and I reckon you could easly fit another biggy in there.

I also think the crane base looks better on that side of the quay ( I guessed you did mean to reposition it there ??) This will end up a stunning moment in time scene … Its a shame you did it know and couldnt of left it till my DDay campaign starting on ^6h June …


Morning Johnny, thanks. The crane was originally envisaged for the back pier, I had tried it out on the LHS when the railway was a possibility but it is back where it belongs now. I still haven’t managed to locate the boom and stairs for it, but I’m hopeful they will turn up in a box with a box. Yes, there is a possibility for another boat. Both the LCPL and the LCVP tilt when out of water, not an uncommon sight for many craft. I had though that lashed to the side of the pier would solve that issue. A bit more playing around should give me a better idea of what layout looks/works best.

I did find the cargo net and load for the Crane and the whole thing should look like this: