Please! A West German HS30 Lang kit in 1/35!

For over thirty years, I’ve been hoping for a non-resin kits of the US M114 and the West German HS30 Lang kits. I’m beyond thankful Takom has release three M114 kits in 2022 and I have all three of them in my stash! I had hopes that Revell of Germany would release a HS30 kit AFTER their Kanonenjagdpanzer kit, but I don’t see that happening, so now, I’m hoping that Takom will fill the void of those lesser known and less successful Cold War armored vehicle designs and release one or two versions of the HS30.

With that said, am I the only nut that would like to see a new HS30 kit? I hope not!!

On a side note, I’m shocked that Revell of Germany hasn’t released a 1980s/2000s “Germanized” M113 kit since they released a complete line-up of German M48s kits in recent years.


Just read about the vehicle on Wikipedia.
I think it would sell in 35th.
Saw one last fall at the House of Tank in Wichita.

I’d be in for the HS30 as well.

I’m sure you already know, MR has most of the stuff to West Germanize the M113

MR Modellblau

The M113 conversions are pretty decent but I’d like to see some M114 stuff, too.

You are not alone! I too waited for the M114 ('still haven’t finished it mind) – bought the Accurate Armour one yet never tackled it due to “Resin Track Fear” (RTF); I suppose I’ll just have to try and sell it on now.

Needless to say I then bought a resin HS 30 (Elite Modellbau) which of course, still languishes unbuilt. More recently though, and with a little more resin-building confidence under my belt, I had another look. Well moulded, lots of detail, and the sequence – of build – doesn’t look too bad; but yet again, RTF! However, I have a cunning plan, as yet unrealised, I just wonder if tracks for the M24 Chaffee would fit the bill? I haven’t checked this out yet (or counted the links), but if, say, Friuls would do, then I just might go that route. Of course, by the time I’ve done just that, Takom or some other firm will have brought one out!

Indeed, Takom might just be the people to do so; after all, you couldn’t get much more obscure than the VT-12, and they just done that, so who know? Mind you, I’d also like to see the French AMX 10P, but that’s another dream.

I completely agree with you re a Bundeswehr M113; one would really think that Revell of Germany would tackle that, even if, say, on another firm’s moulds – which they often do. There are bits and pieces available from MR Modellbau I think to augment a standard M113, but one still hopes for a bit more initiative from Revell.

An injected MUNGA wouldn’t go amiss. I have a couple of resin ones obviously(!)

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Just in case you donnot know about them I would like to point you to these :

It’s the way I followed for my M113(A1)G & M577G.

Also I had expected the M113A1G fram AVF club as they have released more bundeswehr version in the past of their kits.

Anyhow totally agree a HS 30 would be great in 1/35 injection plastic.



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Cool stuff, thanks

The only issue with Revell kits even of Bundeswehr vehicles, is that Revell design for the ‘toy’ end of the market.
(I do have most of their BW ones, shortcomings notwithstanding).

If you are like me, then you will wait for AFV Club, Meng, or [practically anybody else!] version and/or invest in spending as much/more than the kit price on PSM resin to make an acceptable version…

Sometimes necessary, as with the Dragon M752 Lance, as the kit only had a very basic interior to the drivers’ compartment, to build it closed up as even the PE or resin aftermarket added nothing to the basic interior.

Revell Germany) make BW, as they sell in their home country, and all Mfrs will only release what they think they can SELL!

PS, I’d buy a plastic HS 30 or a MAN ‘Emma’ in a heartbeat!

After building the KaJaPa dog of a kit, I’m thankful they didn’t. I was hopeful that Takom might do a Kanonjagdpanzer and then the HS 30 after doing the VT 1-2. That was only a prototype and the other two had a service life.

I now can’t get the thought out of my head; next, I’ll be up in the attic rummaging for the Elite model! But then, look at the inspiration (gleaned from the 'Net):



And lastly, from the Elite Modell site

Now, where’s my step-ladder?


When I was stationed in Germany, many of these were hard targets.

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I think that’s when I mainly remember them from; that said, when I visited Germany in 1968 on a sponsored trip as an Army Cadet I remember seeing some in the distance on what must have been Hohne or Soltau.

I was always fascinated by the design as it seemed to be, more or less, a true MICV (sans firing ports of course) but that 20mm always looked useful. I’ve since learned that the design was more or less, unsuccessful, although of course, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that soldiers will make even poor kit work to the best of their ability. I didn’t at first realise that it only carried around 5 dismounts so that must have made tactical groupings difficult, but as I say, presumably the Bundeswehr made it all work (I am no tactician or infantryman either).

I really must dig my model out and have a closer look!

Does anyone else have a view on whether or not Chaffee tracks would work?

MicroCosmos in Greece has several BW M113 items.

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Thanks for the links. I just ordered two of everything for the M113 G .

We shall see how this goes.

Thank you all for your input and hopefully, we will be seeing a HS30 kit soon. Also, thanks for the links since I will be ordering the needed parts for my German M113 projects!!

Hi Boots Dms

Having built the Elite master for the HS30 family long time ago I must admit I loved making the mortar version and I had real vehicles to climb all over .

been along time since I look at the HS30 but would love a plastic one

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bovingtons Mortar version


We need someone now to get going on scratch building this guy and then we all know a major manufacturer will announce one after the person’s build has been shown publicly.

Are you offering then Dan? :wink: