Pressing reset on armorama

Newbee signing in. Test post


Apparently even the stegosaurus that is me concerning the interwebs can figure the new place out?

Very nice job !!!..need 20 characters !!!

Welcome to the other side… I hope you had a pleasant journey :smiling_imp:

So you made it too, mr. Rutman.
Welcome aboard.

yep I’m the same, my family refer to me as betamax video man. I did the tutorial and it helped a great deal

With walking stick and maps in hand… Tap tap… “This must be the spot!”

Jolly good to see you’ve arrived safely to the soirée!:beer:

Did everybody switch their screen to black like I did? That glaring white hurt my eyes.
Welcome over guys, this site is sooo much faster and easier!

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yeah I hope they do something about the white glare in the future as it’s a bit rough on the eyes at times

You can switch your screen to black with white type. Click on your Avatar at the top right. Go to Preferences, then Interface, and click the dropdown menu on Theme. Select Dark. Click Save Changes at the bottom and “Presto!” no more white glare. :grin:

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Big plus for me is the posting of the pics now. No photo saving service is needed. Just load right from the 'putor!

I’m actually liking the white background. Just like a piece of paper with printed black characters!

Amen on that! I foresee a lot more picture posting in my future as there’s a lot less hoop-jumping!

I just hope we figure out the campaigning. I think that’s a big plus with the site.

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Big improvement already and this may be the thing that revitalizes the site. Postings were way down over the years and lately,slowing to a crawl.

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And, while you’re selecting files from your computer to upload, if you hold the control key, you can upload multiple images at once! :+1:

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Thanks for flagging that feature!

I see you made over here Lou

Yes Tony . Going to give it a try ? Not crazy about it so far !!Da Nang RVN

Good to see you here, old friend.

And thanks Matt for the info on the black screen, much easier on the eye than the white one.
Only problem now is I may need to change my avatar as you can hardly see it lol