Proof the plastic model hobby isn't dying

In about four years, Border sold ~60,000 Panzer IV kits. I think that’s pretty amazing :clap:


60,000 sounds like a lot, but the reality is most of those sales are to a single person (check the basement of @Uncle-Heavy ).

Nah… in all seriousness you are right - that is a lot of sales!

I know mould tools wear over time, and I was thinking the other day about the merits of buying / stashing kits while the moulds are ‘young’ but I kinda dismissed the thought thinking that surely moulds wouldn’t wear much due to low use…. seems I am wrong!


I never doubted the health of the hobby, and have often wondered it’s nett worth, just 1/35 alone, with all the manufacturers, after-market companies, magazines, and figures in support. I’d love to know the number of some (Tiger) kits sold, for example, if a Panzer IV of one company can crack 60 000 units in four years. Well done, Border.


Border is a Chinese firm, consider their domestic market. I believe Chinese firms also used to sell cheaper in China. China has a population of over 1.4bn (about 18.5% of the world’s population) of which about two-thirds are urbanised, with around 90% of the population identifying as ethnic Han. India is catching up in total population but has only about one third of the population urbanised and its GDP only 2,650bn $US as opposed to China’s 12,237bn.



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I only bought three of them …

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