Proposal - Stryker Campaign

I think it’s time for a Stryker campaign! Who’s with me?!

Proposed Start Date: 1 JAN 2021
Proposed End Date: 31 DEC 2021

All scales and manufacturers. Open to all Stryker variants.

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Here’s the proposal thread for the Stryker campaign that kicks off January 1st 2021.

Click Here to Enlist

I will start an official campaign thread once it’s active.

I thought there had already been one, but if not - sounds good to me. I don’t participate in campaigns but they’re always fun to watch.
But I do have these Legend engines for both Trumpeter and AFV Club variants. Hmmm…

In 15 years on Armorama I have never done a campaign before, but I have 3 Stryker models with resin and PE goodies for each, so I guess it’s time to take the plunge. I’m in! :wink:

I’ve got nothing against participating, by the way. I just have trouble with deadlines.

I love deadlines…especially the whooshing sound they make as they rush past my head! :slight_smile:

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I thought I already signed up, but it was on the old forums. Yeah, I’m still up for it!

It was only Richard starting a new thread here @white4doc, we are all still signed up as before… Looking forward to this one starting.

That’s good to know. When I think I’m suffering from Gropin’ Joe syndrome (cognitive decline) I get a little worried sometimes.

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Lol… Join the club haha

Third member, what did I join again? I can blame mine on my TBI, especially if it’s late in the day. Gets me out of all kinds of trouble with SWMBO if I forget or “forgot” something she told me or asked me to do… Now if I could just remember where I put those glasses…

I think your wearing them lol

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still in, i think…

i’m trying to remember what capaigns i’m in and when they start and end lol

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have a few campaigns (or group builds on other sites) planned for next year. If I can find a Mortar Carrier in the UK for a reasonable price I may see if I can join in the second half of the year

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