Pz I and Sonderanhanger 115 | Armorama™

Panzer l from Takom and Sonderanhanger 115, 1:35 Two great kits, Painted with AK acrylics. Made practically ootb. Enjoy, Greg.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/list/pz-i-and-sonderanhanger-115

Excellent job Greg. Love the finish on both the tank and trailer. Nice weathering job on both too.

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Nice work there on one of my favorite subjects!

Trying here to link this particular feature to a S-B-S build, reference and detailing thread on the 115 that was posted in the Armorama Forums sometime earlier. (Just trying to foster a little more “informational synergy” within the site here.)

p.s. The trailer model is produced by “das Werk” and sold as both a separate item (hard to fine) and also in conjunction with the early war Faun truck.

FOOTNOTE: the text credits the tank as a Takom product but gives no source manufacturer for the 115 trailer model.




Thank for supplement. Anyway , the trailer is a great , and whats important, straightforward kit.