Question on the New Type Tracks on the M113A3 series of APCs

I’m starting to put together the parts I will need to build an M1068A3 SICPS.

I’ve already acquired the Tamiya M577 Command Vehicle kit, which will provide me with the basic panels for the upper superstructure.

Me vehicle it’s based off the updated M113A3 chassis, so I will have to use parts from Academy’s M113A3, mainly the lower hull, engine compartment and parts of the interior.

Finally, I will round it up with Legend’s M1068A3 Update kit.

My main sticking point will be the new generation tracks that the M113A3s are now coming out with.

I know that there’s an outfit out of Hong Kong that makes 3D printed set of these tracks, Fat Frog Models. I’d like to see if i can find a source for them here in the US, though I wouldn’t mind too much if I end up getting them through an EU vendor. Just want to make sure the tracks are still in production and in stock.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. :smiling_face:

As far as I can tell, Fat Frog is the only company doing T150 tracks and they have no US vendors carrying them. Hobby Easy out of HK is very good; I have never had an issue with them.


Fat Frog is Hobby Easy’s own brand, so not sure if they will ever distribute them to other vendors.

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Have you seen this topic?

I ordered two sets from hobbyeasy. I have to agree to Gino, they are the only ones who sell the T150 track in 1/35.

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