T150 Track from Fat Frog Scale Models

Just found it on hobbyeasy.com, the T150 for the M113. Anyone have experience with the manufacturer? I ordered 2 sets.

For info:


They look good. Let us know how they are.

I’ll do it.

But let’s see how long the delivery takes.:slight_smile:

These are the Diehl tracks? I picked up the standard Fat Frog M113 tracks at IPMS Nationals last year and they work quite well.

T150 tracks are the latest type used on US Army M113A3s. I’m not sure if they are the same as the Diehl tracks, but they look similar.

M113A3 w/T150 tracks.

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Gino is right!
Indeed the Diehl track looks similar to the T150. But they are not the same.

I’ve got 2 sets of the roughed out pads M113 tracks from Fat Frog, very nice…

Comparison between T-150 and Diehl 513 B.

Close but no cigar.

Today I received my two sets. After a quick look, I find them very good. Since I don’t have any personal experience or exact dimensions, I can’t say anything more. Let’s see how it looks on the model.


Fast fit check.


Hi Andreas,
For you to check the dimensions of he track.

Hi Hans-Hermann,

Thank you!

Those sprocket rings do look overly thick, so the measurement should be at least .259” between the inner faces.

Andreas, have you meanwhile checked tracks for accuracy?

Hi Hans-Hermann,

unfortunately not. I’m to busy, I have much to do.
Maybe tomorrow.


Hi Hans-Hermann,

I checked the measurements, all in all they are correct. There are small deviations of 0.1 or 0.2mm, which are more due to the conversion and the measurement itself.
Overall it’s a great set!


A late thanks for this!