Ramstein fun fact of the day "The Great Escape" link

If you are a fan of this movie as much as I was. The leader that was recaptured " Roger" the film bases as the leader of the group was Roger Bushell. He and another were killed by Gestapo right near the Ramstein south gate. At the very tip of this pic was were the execution happened.

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What was also eerily remarkable was that Bushell was recaptured in Prague (after a second escape) and questioned by the Gestapo in connection with the assassination of Heydrich. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

It is of course also a perverse facet of history that Bushell and his comrade were murdered, whereas one of his executioners (the other being killed in an air raid) benefitted from.a proper trial; not that it did him much good - the Brits hanged him in 1948.


He was an amazing guy to say the least. obviously had a drive that few might understand and Hitler obviously feared.

Always interesting to learn of those people have no clue of and often dumbfounded at those that show mindless dribble at ding dongs. I often have talked about things my dad did that amazed me, with him never talking of them.

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