Reading List

The titles below are some that I have found to be extremely good.
Be warned KL is not a light easy read and it covers a time frame from far earlier than most people understand to be the case.
Short Timers = Full Metal Jacket… You find out how Rafter man got that name .
The Nazi officers wife is very eye opening.
M A S H … Just outstanding and " The pros from Dover " had me rolling in the floor laughing when reading that part .
The remainder of the list are simply incredible human interist stories… Image a giant of a man in a combat zone carrying the head of a greek statue for luck.


Seducing and Killing Nazis was the inspiration for my super diorama Hershey Bars and Lucky strikes … It is a tribute to the Oversreegen aisters

Another few good books.

And who can forget.

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I’m always a fan of the classics

Good readings here, specially Corelius Ryan…

I am currently with this:

Wow . Those are some great choices.
Lets keep it going with adding good books to the reading list.
There are a couple more I will add later

I found this title to be an excellent investigation into the invasion in Normandy - right from the original conception to the end of the campaign. Certainly not for younger readers, but then again most of these books aren’t.

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A couple more good ones.

Some more good ones about a bomber crewman from New Mexico.

And going a bit further back then WWII here are some books written by my good friend/mentor Richard Wadsworth who passed away about a year ago.

@Panzer_modeler . Those just made my reading list.

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Russell Weigley’s Eisenhower’s Lieutenants Examines the major commanders from D-Day to the end.

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I actually just finished Spearhead, and I’m pretty sure I read If I Die in a Combat Zone. Seems familiar.

Here are a couple more to add to the Summer Reading List:
Wasn’t a great book, but it was interesting:

Currently working on:

Read this about a million years ago:



And now my reading list gets bigger

@Chris_Bryan Just trying to help! :grin:


@jimb . you are helping . My reading list is huge anyway.
I recently read Alexanders letters to his generals .

Shake hands with the devil and intrepid just made my reading list … They look good.

Here’s my late contribution… most of my book shelves are inaccessible because we are remodeling the kitchen and things are blocking them.

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Absolutely loved Spesrhead,made me go out and build a Tamiya Pershing

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2 great books of recent conflict…
Easy read…page tuners…
Currently reading Gettysburg by Allen Guelzo…it’s excellent as well
Ditto for Farley Mowat…The Regiment…Chickenhawk…

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