REDUCED PRICES--April 17--Sale/Trade List--lots of resin figs, kit combos & MORE--lots of Photos

Updated April 17th. Prices reduce on almost all of the items. Scroll down to the end for replies to this post with more new items.
Thanks for looking.

As for wanted trade items, these are at the top of my priority list:
AFV Club, M109A6 Paladin
Panda, M109A7
AFV Club, M54A2
Hobby Fan, M56 Scorpion
Meng, IDF Armor
AFV Club, M548
Related aftermarket and figures for any of the above

Feeling like it’s time to let some of this stuff go.
As always, I’m willing to knock a couple bucks off for those purchasing several items. If you see something(s) you like, feel free to make an offer.
I’d prefer to keep sales and trades within the US.

I’ll be adding some more stuff later this week so check back soon.
Thanks for looking!

Verlinden, Flower Power, #255, $5
Verlinden, Platoon, #393, $15
Jaguar, US Infantry Vietnam, $10
Jaguar, Hey There, $10
Kirin, Full Metal Jacket, (this is/was one of my Holy Grail kits. PM to make an offer, cash or Meng IDF Armor)
First Legion, #35043, $10
Alpine, US Tanker, #35160, $9
Bravo6, SOLD
Verlinden, US Artillery Crewman, $8
Verlinden, German Artillery Crewman, $8
Polop, Sleeping soldier, #35010, $8
Hobby Fan, Guntruck Crew, #HF533 $16

Bravo6, Green Beret, SOLD
Bravo6, USMC Sharpshooter, SOLD
Bravo6, USMC Blooper, SOLD
Legend, Three Fighting Men, $10
Belgo, 2 metal figures with resin bodybag, $10
Verlinden, Israeli Tank Commander (metal with ceramic base) $15
Coree, only the figure w/M16 and base, $5
Verlinden, US Chopper Pilot (metal), $8

Mouse Armour, Aussie M113 with T-50 turret (includes interior turret), $35
Firestorm, M113 large gun shield, $5
Firestorm, M113 low gun shield, $5
Callsign, Aussie Relaxing Soldier, $10
Firestorm Australian Commander, $5
AFV Club/HobbyFan Crewman from first release Indochina Chaffee $5

Verlinden, US Army Refueling bladder, $30
Verlinden, M113 Cadillac Gage Turrets, $15
Legend, Miniguns, $8
Verlinden, M332 Armored trailers, $25 each
Tahk, A-221, M60 Helicopter Version, $9 each set
Tahk, A-220, M60 with tripod, $5
Tank Workshop, Munitions Boxes, $5
Meng, walls, $10

Mec Models, Vietnamese graves, $25
Belgo, Vietnamese House, $45
Belgo, Viet Cong Hut, $45

Assorted signs, boxes and decals, $3.50 each except for Verlinden dry transfers, $9
Take it all for $25

Academy M113 ACAV with Legend Stowage and sandbag flood, $42

Academy M113 ACAV with Legend Stowage (some sprues are not bagged) $38

IDF Fitter Comb, $70
(Will break up the combo Academy kit and PE for $40, Legend set $40)

V100/M706 Combo with extras, $38

Not Pictured (yet)
AFV Club M109A2 (bagged kit, no decals, printed instructions–otherwise complete) $40
Archer 105mm ammo crate markings, #35288, #35290 HE ammo, I have three sheets of each, so a total of 6 sheets for $18.

Scroll down for a couple of my replies with pictures of more added items.

Sent a PM.

PM sent - thanks.

I thought “Tahk” was a typo at first. :laughing:

Tamiya M113, Eduard PE, AFV Club rubber band tracks, $28

—-SOLD—-UH-34 with Cobra Company interior and aftermarket decals. $45—SOLD—-
Decals include an option for Larry Burrows’ Life Magazine Yankee Papa photo essay.

Huey with Cobra Company conversion/detail set, PE (for UH-1D but useful parts), decals. $37

Hobby Fan, Mine Sweeping Team, $10
CMK(?), Marine, $5
Coree, Two Marines, $15

AFV Club, 203mm/8inch rounds and pallets, 8 sprues total, $5
Legend, Bradley ERA, $10
Armour Track Models, M1 Abrams early chevron style tracks $10
(one side partially assembled, other still bagged)
AFV Club M41/M42 rubber band tracks and M41 mantlet cover, $5

Custom Dioramics, Bunker, $17

USMC Lot: Dragon USMC Khe Sahn (two sets, sealed) figures from recoilless rifle mule (two sets and one RR, sealed), $14

Chopper pilot Lot: Dragon crew sealed figures but NO weapons sprue, Academy pilots (sealed), $12

Dragon, Delta Force Somalia, two for $10 (one sealed, one open w/loose leg)
Dragon, LAPD SWAT (sealed), $15
Dragon, MP5s (sealed), $10

Soviet/Afghanistan Lot, $15


:laughing: Auto correct thought the same thing you did!

Your killing bro, I want too many items. :confused:

Another PM inbound my friend…


—SOLD—AFV Club, M113, $50—SOLD—
—SOLD—Dragon, Magach, $35—SOLD—
Aoshima (1/32), warehouse trailer and accessories, $20
Tamiya, Accessory Set, $7
(NOT PICTURED) Tamiya, Modern Accessory Set #35266, $8 (bagged with front and back of box), $7
Dragon, M16s, $7
Verlinden, M113 external fuel tanks, TWO SET $5 for both
Verlinden, M60 blazer armor, $5
Firestorm, Australian Centurion mine exploder conversion, (missing instructions) $30 (set also includes a resin turret with mantlet cover in place and resin replacements for the AFV Club rubber wheels)

T3 Combo $23, includes resin wheels, Voyager PE and roof rack details set.

Body is misshapen, should realign once attached…or make it battle damage?

This is likely the last of my updates to this list.
Thanks to all who have made a purchase.

I’ll take the AFV Club M113 and the Dragon Magach Tank. Total $85. Let me know the postage to zip 45365. I’ll pay using PayPal.


Hi, I’m keen on:

Hobbyfan mechanized infantry $20
Hobbyfan Marines Hue $10
Hobbyfan 3 Miscellaneous Marines Hue - $15
Mig Modern Accessories - $15

Only potential catch is that I’m in Australia, would you ship there (I note your preference to sell in US)?

Many thanks!

I would like the UH-34 bundle. I live in North Carolina, do you accept Pat Pal?. e-mail.
Semper Fi

Incoming PM. :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

Incoming pm :call_me_hand:

Hi, do you still have the “Aussie” T50 turret?

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