Who wants to finish these? Started kits plus FS/FT list

A few started and stalled projects along with a few that I’d hoped to create dioramas for. The shelf space and time are lacking so it’s up to you guys to help me out and take some of it off my hands.

Tamiya and Kirin IDF Nagmashot $20 (The upper half of the Tamiya Centurion is included and still on the sprues)

Tamiya M1A1 Abrams (M1A2 OIF boxing with part from Dragon) $10.

Tamiya M1IP CAT markings. NO TRACKS! $5

AFV Club Indochina Chaffee (aka Bison) NO TRACKS! $5

Here is a link to some other stuff I’m unloading as well as a list of wanted items:
Additional figures, kits and accessories for sale or trade.

Thanks for looking.

I’ll take the Tamiya Humvee (for my TOW collection), the Meng Leopard 2A4 (If complete) and the Custom Dioramics UN Bunker. (For my 1994 Canadian Bosnia collection.)

Are the Tiran an BRDM still available? Would like to purchase thanks

I’ll take the Challenger 2 kit.

Would you be interested in doing a trade for the tango boat??

I am interested in the M 48’s vietnam vintage as a heads up.

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