Rembering 9/11

I did this figure 21 years ago, it’s just my small way of remembering.

Never forget.


Very, very well done.


Very nice Al and much appreciated.


Is the bust of anyone in particular, or just a representative of all firemen involved that day?

I remember because I was standing next to that street sign when the second plane hit.

Which was across the street from my building here:


Very nicely done. :us:

I never will forget that fateful morning, as I listened to the event unravel live on my FM radio. Originally being from NJ, just thinking of the Twin Towers — once prominent features of New York City’s skyline gives me emotional chills to this day.



Very nicely done, sir.

I paid my own tribure to the FDNY and NYPD. My home town was attacked after all. Yes, I was raised in Hawaii but born in the Bronx.

My sister, who is qurte the pacifist, gave both caps to me and said, “If it’s the last thing they ever see, they’ll know why you were there.”

She lived at Rector Place, under the shadow of the World Trade Center. Body parts were discovered on her building. The front wheel of one of the planes landed in front of her building. She and her husband lost several good friends from one FDNY.


Thank you.

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Thanks very much.

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I was living in KC at the time, other than obviously the reports, what I still remember too this day is a lone contrail, almost in a perfect circle that hung in the sky for hours. Was from a passenger plane that got turned back to land ASAP. The town I worked in was the closest town to Whitman AFB. The base went on lock down shortly after, the town was like a ghost town.

Not too long after that we were at work and watching all these B2’s coming in from all sorts of bizarre compass points, got home later to the news we started bombing Afghanistan that early morning. We were watching them come in and out doing touch and goes etc on the return to confuse any prying eyes.


No one in particular, for all of them.


Thank you, appreciated.

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Thanks, much appreciated.


That’s WTC-3? Where the PANYNJ was?

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Building 5; corner of Church and Vesey across from the old church cemetery. The WFC and New Jersey will be above the pic relative to what you see; so looking straight down at the WTC site if I was in the NE corner 3 would be in the SE corner; the Jersey-facing side. Infamous Building 7 is the collapsed structure between the two large gray buildings on the right. The taller one is the Federal Post Office. I waited in line there once and got to talk to Lee Renaldo, guitarist for NYC band Sonic Youth. He was waiting right in front of me so he was stuck with me for 15 minutes.

Man, I wish working at the WTC so freaking much. So much going on every day; it was exciting. Until it got too exciting.


A nice tribute Albert- it very much reminds me of the pictures and footage from that day and the days afterward. You have picked out all the uniform and equipment details really well. Can I ask what manufacturer is the bust? I’d also love to know what color you used for the hi-vis yellow parts and how you went about adding the grime to the face?


Thanks very much. It was a Verlinden item. I added a few details to the helmet and modified the brim, enlarging it, to represent an older style. I used Testors’ Fluorescent Yellow paint over a white base coat for the reflective parts. The grime was done by just dry brushing and blending various shades of gray. I mixed some flesh tones in with the lighter shades. I started with lighter tones and then got darker as I went.


Very well done, and very appreciated for all the US families here, for sure. I had the chance to visit NY few years later and visit the St.Paul’s chapel where I could feel the pain of that day and Ground Zero. The 4 next times I went again to NY, Ground Zero is a ‘must’ visit. Last time, in 2018 I could visit the 9-11 memorial

And of course


Thank you very much.


Outstanding bust Al, and a very fitting tribute. It’s hard to imagine that there are adults today that are too young to remember that day. I went down with four others from my Department and worked the recovery effort. It was an overwhelming, surreal experience that forever changed me. Never forget. I won’t.


Schools seem to be forgetting it. I was only one of five teachers that brought it up in our staff zoom chats, and my wife was the only one in her school who did a presentation on it and she teaches ELA, not History where you’d think that would happen.

I was remembering Pearl Harbor long after it occurred; the Alamo as well. But here we are only 22 years out and most Americans seem not to care anymore about 9/11.

I think we’ve failed the Founding Fathers.