Removing decals


Does anyone have any tips on removing decals safely without damaging the underlying paint clear coat and paint?
I’m currently building the AMT Romulan Bird-of-Prey and the supplied decals are awful. They cracked and refused to conform to curves. Did my best with them, but after looking after them had dried they looked bad and needed replacing.
My usual method of using tape to pull them off hasn’t worked. They’re really stuck down!

Replacements by JT Graphics have arrived and ready to go.


Did you try soaking them with decal softener and scrubbing with a brush? That worked for me on some small decals.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try. Got Microsol and Set and some stuff by Gunze and Mig. Hopefully one will work.

Microsol has worked for me in the past too.

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Laying some masking tape over them and pulling it up can work well. Even when you don’t want it to! :thinking: :unamused:

Maybe try this after you’ve soaked them.

Cheers, D

I tried the MicroSol (red label) method just now, and it eventually softened the decal enough for removal. However, the underlying acrylic paint layer came up with it. Note: This could be attributed to user error. Since I was already prepared to repaint the area, I hurried the process along — just glad to get the decal off.

Thank’s, guys!