Removing parts

Wondering if anyone has a technique for removing parts glued with Tamiya extra thin. I just realized I glued one part on upside down. It’s a small detail so I can leave it if need be but wondered if anyone had a method

Depends on the part. Cut with a sharp blade or micro saw, or add some more glue to soften the joint and remove…

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Cheers. The micro saw worked perfectly, with minimal damage to the mating surfaces. Nothing some fine sand paper can’t fix up


Had to do this more times than I like to admit and for me, the best solution has been to brush on enamel thinners (I have Humbrol but I’m sure other manufacturers’ product would work just as well).

The thinners softens the joint and within a few seconds I can insert a thin blade and start to lever the parts apart. Works every time, usually with very little damage.