Request for 1/48 Aeromaster Decals - P51D Mustang

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to source the following decals for an upcoming build of the Tamiya P51D. I’m following Frank Dargies build of this aircraft and trying to keep it as similar as possible.

I just can’t seem to get hold of the recommended decals:

Aeromaster ‘Mustangs Forever’ 48-478, Pt 3.

If anyone knows where i can get these in the UK, or has some ‘spare’ they would like to sell me, then please let me know.

Much appreciated, thankyou.

Ultra cast in Canada has a huge selection of rare decals .

I went to Ultra Cast and although they had the product for sale, they do not take UK orders via their website. However, they did inform me that they have an Ebay site where they are able to sell direct to the UK (it is to do with VAT collection in a post-Brexit UK) - and that if the product i needed wasn’t there, to let them know and they would add it to the Ebay listings.

The decals were not there, so I messaged Ultra Cast and within an hour, the item was on their Ebay site and I had purchased it.

Not only that, but it took just four days from purchasing it from Canada, to the item arrivng on my door mat in the Uk.