Resin nuts and bolts

I am looking for a good source of resin nuts and bolts . Any idea where they can be found in the U.S.

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I had good luck with these ones.

Try tichy train bolts-not resin but have a huge selection to pick from


Those look nice

These ones came with just some nuts, some bolts, some bolts w nuts, and some studs with nuts. But they are all the same size. I think you can get them in different sizes. I have had these for a few years and just used the last of them up.

Meng do some nice sets. A plus is they are styrene so you don’t need CA to attach them.


UMM-USA has a few hexagon punch sets, you can make your own.



Chris I second what Dan said. Go to Tichy Train Group they have an endless selection of injection molded styrene nuts, bolts, washers, and rivets of all sizes on sprues so you don’t have to shave them off. They are all I use; I have thousands of them. Prices are the best out there, too. Shipping is super quick. Great people to deal with.


I will second Tichy as a company, made here in NC. Not far from you Chris.

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I went to tichy and cant find 1.6 or 1.8 rivets

I would prefer to use tichy

What about converting the tichy scales and suggestions on which ones are good for 1/35.

Ok all did some research and found a video from a local guy and he lists the following sizes…

Although I have a good selection of resin ones, I tend to use the Meng nuts and bolts most often. They are easier to use and avoid CA.

For resin, MasterClub from Russia makes the best that I have found. It is amazing how they cast such perfect tiny bits of resin. They come in bags of 100. The issue is that they can be hard to find in the US.

I’ve found them at:
The Barrel Store
Last Cavalry

Their “catalog” is a plate with all of the products embedded for you to select just the right size and style. It is part number 435100

Good luck!


No love for Grandt Line?

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No, the few I have are miscast and don’t look right.

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I bought all of mine at least 20 years ago. I guess the molds were still crisp back then.

Mine are crap, and that’s when I found the perfect product-tichy train.

Well thanks guys yall have been great with the help.
I did figure out the tichy ones I needed and $40 later I’m good to go

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You can have a bolt party now.