Hello Fellow modelers,

It’s time for another gift. Being inspired by a recent post of my own I decided to complete a few projects.

DSC05110 (Small)

With the basic build of the Bismarck wrapped up, I thought a diorama would be some nice fun.

This one is called “Rushing to resupply!” and will be shipped to an elderly man and wife.

Here are the short list of components.

DSC05126 (Small)

IBG make super cool kits. Sure, they have a few minor issues with tire halves being cleaned up, but nothing you guys and gals cant look after with some patience. The parts and details are awesome.

DSC05127 (Small)

Going back to basics for the base. It’s just a layer of common particle board over cheep corrugated plastic sheet from the local hardware store. I sprayed it with XF-78 as the under laying tone for the darker colors later. Yes there will be grass, shrubs and a tree added further on.

DSC05129 (Small)

Behind the truck will have this amazing power transformer. Plus Model are artists!

DSC05128 (Small)

Now lets dive into the build. :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to Sunward Hobbies for getting my supplies over so fast and to Donna at Maple Airbrush for handling my order so quickly and to PLUSMODEL for sending this rare item.

God bless and best of health.


Looking forward to seeing this one play out. :+1:


Bismarck looks good HG, and this dio will be another treat to watch take shape … looking forward to it


Thank you Ryan! WOW you reply fast :slight_smile:

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Let’s how this one goes !
I like IBG kits. Never saw that one from PlusModel

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Timing of when checking in, could be right after the post to a day later.

Thanks John. Yeah the Bismarck was just a basic build to help new modelers. I sure wanted to go hole-hog, but it wasn’t what the client wanted displayed. I’m throwing the kitchen sink, however, into this gift for two people whom ages are in their…:slight_smile:


Another one of your lovely threads to follow!


Looking forward to that cool truck being built,

Thanks Erwin @golikell , I’m throwing everything into this one! Glad you are along for the ride.

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Hi guys and gals,

Before my wife passed on we spent many hours having fun working on model railways displays. God bless her soul.

DSC05129 (Small)

The transformer section needs to be test fitted for the space behind the truck.

DSC05130 (Small)

Next, the general road angle needs to be worked out for the truck, since it’s going to be the main focal point. Some lengths of common painters masking tape from the hardware store will suffice.

DSC05131 (Small)

With some regular white school glue you can dampen down the surface to add your grass. Reduce it 50/50 to make it last longer.

DSC05132 (Small)

Please keep in mind that this is just a primarily beginning step to a greater goal. I’ll be using half a dozen tones here to make it look as realistic as possible with my limited skills.

Getting closer :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to PLUSMODEL and Sunward Hobbies for getting the paid orders out to me so really quickly.

Best of health Everyone.


Thanks HG for taking time to post your WIP !
And a BIG thanks for turning me on to Plus Models!!!
Have fun with your diorama ! I’ll be looking forward to each update!

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Thank you Tom @Ivanhoe6 for those encouraging words. The good folks at that shop will leap from their chairs to get your orders and issues worked out. And NO I don’t get a penny from promoting them. They are honest down to earth everyday wonderful and kind entrepreneurs.

I’m dedicating this update to you.


Here we go with the oils, hee hee. This one is for you @Ivanhoe6 enjoy.

DSC05133 (Small)

With the edges of the roadway mostly complete, I need to add some more realism to the tones in the mucky wet look of the dirt road. You can use regular artist’s oils, but my choice is (having used most brands…UGH) is 502. The pigments dissolve in enamel thinner quicker with less smell and cleans up in a snap.

DSC05134 (Small)

Once again, this is far from being completed. You can, however, see the seven shades of grass and shrubs.

DSC05135 (Small)

I make no apologies about my extractor being so cluttered, it’s a tool which serves a purpose. I simply wanted you to see the raised detail at these angles. Being close to the vents helps it dry faster.

Later this base will get more subtle color on the road and grass.

Huge thanks to PLUSMODEL and to Sunward Hobbies and to Jim Starkweather @staff_Jim for allowing us modelers to post our contributions. Please please please consider supporting KitMaker by becoming a Patreon. God bless and best of health Everyone.


Groundwork is coming along nicely HG … Green shades add a nice real feel to it.
Yeah, plus models do offer some great stuff… Very worthwhile looking at if people haven’t used them before :+1:


Good work HG , coming along nicely !!

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Thank you John @Johnnych01 YES their replicas are packed with detail and Petr is a super great lad to deal with. Make no mistake, you have to put effort in building because they are that good. Stand by for an update.

Thanks Glenn! More pictures in a minute.

Hi Everyone,

In this update I’ll show more work on the truck base and start the electrical transformer.

DSC05136 (Small)

The edges and high points needed, what I consider a touch of, being traveled on. Many of you have been on old dirt roads… I don’t miss those days HA HA. I tried using engine grease oils but the colour was way too bright. Raw umber feathers much better. Obviously there will be another six, or more, tones added later, yet you get the general idea.

DSC05137 (Small)

Adding the random bit of grass and shrub to the road gives it more punch. After-all this will be seen under the vehicle. I want the tires to be done next to add an impression in the final step for the tread marks. Sure it will be slight but the owner and his wife will definitely be able to see it.

DSC05138 (Small)

Some left-over planking from the Bluenose II project was used to rim and hide the corrugated plastic lower base. I’ll touch this up later. It looks way better and will be even better at the final stage.

DSC05139 (Small)

One worry is if the power station will interfere with the location of the truck. Hence why I’m hopping around so much with sizing things up. I’m going with the color scheme the artists at Plusmodel used for painting. Tamiya panel line products (as you know) are already pigment percentage formulated and just need a good shake. The included applicator is too small for this little task, so I used a wider brush. The beams came out looking awesome.

Huge thanks to PLUSMODEL for making this gem of a kit and to Sunward Hobbies for getting my order to me so well packed and fast!

God bless you all and best of health.


The base has some really nice colour to work on there, and lots of scope for toning it up or down.
Looking forward to seeing the transformer Stn get built…
Very interesting build this is going to be :+1: