REVIEW: KAV Models M1240 Profi pack

This is KAV Model Profi pack for RFM kit of the Oskosh M1240:

The set comes with chromed film for mirrors and other parts:

Tinting film for the greenish look of armoured glass:

(You can check a previous review of these two products here )

And the masks for painting transparent parts. All are precut to fit the different transparent parts of the model, and there is a good number of them. Note that there are masks for both the inner and outer part, so it is possible to paint also the interior without problems.

This is one of the masks removed from the carrier:

It is quite thin, with the correct amount of adhesive to stick to the surface without being hard to remove or leave any residue:

As I do not have RFM kit for testing the product, I had to use a spare transparent part. This is the mask applied to the part.

Paint applied, in this case I have airbrushed Vallejo Model Air Olive Green. I gave it several coats to ensure full coverage and check how the mask performs when using too much paint

And final result once the mask has been removed. It went off easily, lifting a corner with the tip of a blade. I should have used a toothpick, as it seems I slightly scratched the plastic.

As expected, the mask protected the plastic from the paint and there is no remain of adhesive or paint. Despite the amount of paint used, it did not went underneath.
Only the lower right corner shows some irregularity but this is due to the thick layer of paint, which got ripped on removal -it is not a mask’s fault.

A useful set that bundles three different products that enhance the model and make painting easier.

  • The mirrors are quite thin and look better than any paint. They are also simple to use, just need to be placed where required.
  • The tinted films also provide a consistent green shade to all transparent parts, again easily applied.
  • The masks cover all parts against paint, some of them having odd shapes, and are easier to apply and remove than liquid mask. There is no time limit either (usually liquid mask should be removed within 48 hours). Masks for both inside and outside are provided, allowing to paint the interior the same way.
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Thank you for the review Carlos. I have several KAV products and never had any problems with using them. Very simple and effective.