RFM 1/35 Leopard 2A6 model

Last November I went online ( eBay) and placed an order for a 1/35 RFM Leopard 2A6M, tank model, not knowing that it was in Poland. until I recieved the notification about it being shipped etc. Well, I finally received another notification That it’s arrived Here in the U.S. ( New Jersey) I live in Texas, so Hopefully I will get it in the mail in the next few weeks. From the videos that I’ve seen on it. It’s going to be quite a challenge to build. But I’m looking forward to it.

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Well I hope you got a good deal. You could have ordered it from Andy’s Hobby Headquarters, he is in Arizona.

Thanks. I think I did, probably could have gotten a little better deal. Though I admit I didn’t really research it the best for where to buy it from. I should have. It just took longer than I expected.

You’ll love the kit I’m sure.

I’m sure I will. Thanks

BTW It Arrived yesterday


I started mine
lots of parts and details


Oh WOW. Well keep me posted. I’m looking forward to starting in mine. But I still have several others that I want to build first.

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Just a tip/Builders note for you. The Umbrella was only used when the Barracuda IR-dampening camo net was applied to the hull and turret. Otherwise this is a really great kit.

Thanks for the umbrella info Tango ! I started mine a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying the build! I just finished the tracks which normally is a hang up for me. But once you clean up everything and get into a rhythm it goes semi-quickly.
Q??? Are you guys building it with or without the bar armor?
Have fun !!!

I’m going to build mine without the bar armour.

a bit of progress tonight


Looks good!

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Looking forward to starting mine this fall

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Up date


looks like a nice kit for sure.

it’s really a nice and big kit with a lot of parts and photoetched parts
I did not buy the optional photoetched kit but with that in addition to the regular kit it must be quite a project!

How much different is this from the Tamiya kit? I remember that the Tamiya kit had rave reviews when it came out.

I did not build the tamiya leopard but if I remember the other tamiya models that I built
tamiya has much less parts
on leopard rye field all doors can be assembled open
the engine deck is in several parts etc.
the rye field was designed to accommodate the interior