RFM Replacement Parts - Headbanging

I spent several days trying to get a response from RFM for a replacement part.

I have emailed support@ryefield-model.com and rfm@ryefield-model.com and also sent messages on the RFM facebook page.

No response.

Not a nibble.

Maybe they are just slow in responding.
Maybe checking if they have any of that sprue left in the factory.
Don’t give up yet.

Thanks Robin. They could at least acknowledge the request, instead of not replying. The silence is deafening…

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You will die of old age before you get a reply.
I got a RFM Sherman and it had two springs missing.
That was over six months ago. In the end I got the retailer to take them out another kit.
Welcome to Amorama.

Sorry to hear that I’m not the only one with a problem with RFM customer service. I might try contacting the Australian distributor.



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They do seem to be inconsistent. However, I used the email address you used to query what I thought was a discrepancy between the instructions and what was actually on the sprue(s) in question.

I got an almost immediate response by email, even with attached pictures to show me that there wasn’t a discrepancy after all.

It is worth remembering that they are based in Hong Kong (I think) and lets be honest, with Covid restrictions and the ‘political’ situation there, it isn’t suprising there might be some disruption.

As Robin said, don’t give up, and maybe re-send your email?