Rivet scribers

I have a lot of 1/48 aircraft in the stash so I figure it’s time I pick up a rivet resrciber as I almost always remove a remove a couple when sanding fuselage seams. What is the best tool on the market for this job?

I picked up Revells cheap on eBay earlier in the year, but I haven’t yet gotten around to trying to it
Has 4 different sized rivet wheels and seems to be well made. Not sure if it will make nice round rivets though as the teeth are just cut into the discs, a bit like a circular saw.

I’ll see if I have something scrap to do a test on.


I was looking at something similar by RB models. Hasegawa also has a tool that looks like a punch but with a hollow tip. Wonder if that would be good for single rivets

I think a punch might be good for small numbers.
The trick with the rotary type is getting it started at the correct distance from rivets already in the plastic.
That’s assuming those on the wheels are the same distance apart!

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Might order both, for many rivets and when I just need to replace one or two in a line that sanding wiped out

I have the same concern that aligning the wheel with the rivets may pose a challenge

I use the photo etch rivet tool set from RB . It comes with a few wheels with different spacing on the teeth.
Here is a link to a Tamiya MiG 15 that I riveted with it -

Those look excellent! Did you find it is a fairly easy tool to use?

Very easy - I use Dymo Label Maker tape as guides for the tool .

Perfect I have some dynmo tape I have for panel lines! Have you ever tried to use it to restart a line of rivets if you sand one?

Yes but only looks right if the rivets are engraved . For raised rivets I use Archer but they are now out of business. In reading my own blog just now it seems I did better laying out lines in pencil on the model then using the rivet tool freehand.

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Perfect! Thanks! I have a couple of recessed rivets near the center line on an avenger I am using that could use a little fixing after sanding the fueslage seam

They are going out of business but not gone yet. You can still get some items.

Been mulling over a rivet tool myself. Can’t attest to these (Galaxy models tools) in person as not yet got but they look like they have potential to be decent.

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I ended up getting the RB models and the Hasegawa punch style from sprue Bros. I’ll update when they arrive!

Hi, I have the Galaxy models full set and have tried them on plastic card and a paint mule and they work very well, I also have a Hasegawa punch style scriber which I use to deepen rivets which will be sanded out otherwise and last of all I have the trumpeter riveter which was the first one I brought, its always good to have options. Cheers.


Happy to report the RB rivet tool is fantastic. I was a tad skeptical it would be robust enough being made of PE but it’s a thick PE and sturdy. Super easy to use and makes nice even rivets.

The Hasegawa rivet tool is also great! It is nice for those larger rivets and replacing single rivets that were remove during sanding.

Tempted to get airfix Boulton Paul defiant now just so I can rivet something lol

Gave the punch type scribed a try tonight for some rivets that I had made shallow while sanding a seem on the engine cowl. This tool rocks! Super easy to use and perfectly recreates those deeper rivets sounds often found on cowling.

I’m gonna give the rotary type a try tomorrow for some finer rivets on the rear fuselage. A little more hesitant as getting the spacing started on the right spot might be a challenge