Roden 1:32 Nieuport 28C1 my 1st WW1 build


not sure if I am posting images appropriately? taking on quite the project :grimacing: WW1 biplane and trialing a new to me paint company. countless hours researching how to mount upper wing to fuselage and lower wing. opted to not use pins or modify struts/cabanes. careful cementing of cabanes to upper wing and trial fitting outer wing struts seems ok with no distortion of lower wing. photo shows upper wing balanced on fuselage with no cement yet. slightly modified the contact points on the fuselage. Cabanes ( proper terminology?) very secure with quickset gorilla glue gel. I am not sure if I am posting correctly? if not let me know. thanks.


Looking forward to see this one.

Never tried a WW1 plane, some parts of the assembly scared me a little…

this kit is difficult, very few locating pins, Gaspatch resin turnbuckles look accurate and the turnbuckle cable eyes are robust able to withstand a good amount of line tension. I bet the wingnuts models are much easier.

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Haven’t built any I have yet but the report club members that have is they build very nice. Not sure if it’s Tamiya like but close to the same class. Roden is not in that class, more like limited run class.

thanks for all the likes :smiley:

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