Roden Albatros D.III -Voss

Our local modelling club hosted a competition after 4 years so I entered my D111. It’s the Roden kit,
Gas Patch Spandau machine guns, many thanks to Richard Andrews for the Voss decals. Uschi wood grain decals, hand painted propeller. I used fine fishing line and want to thank Mike “Sandbagger” Norris for all the help. Of course I have to thank “Frenchy” for the most incredible research and being my sounding board.


Congrats ! It’s an amazing build, the engine , the colors, the terrain, it all blends in.
You should be proud.

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I love these planes. Nicely done!

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Marvelous D.III.

Voss flew a Pfalz D.III for a short time ( four flights?). It looks good with silver-gray, a chrome yellow nose, and black personal markings.

Nitro74, thank you very much.

phil2015 thank you, I really love the Albatros aircraft as well.

Thank you very much. Which markings did Voss used on his Pfalz DIII?

Looks great! nice work :+1:

A0E4 thank you.

That’s turned out really nice.
Is it the 1/32 kit?

phantom, yes it’s the Roden 1/32 kit. thank you.

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JJJJJJJJJJJJust beutyfull, wel done SIR and thank you for sharing it with us, it’s quite appreciated !

jmarc, many thanks for the kind comment.

Congrats for the win with our model!

Basco, thank you very much.