Rumour (but trustworthy?) Trumpeter M984?

Apparently Trumpeter is going to issue a M984. Still based on the -A2 HEMTT model, apparently. Can anybody substantiate this rumour?




Part # 01083 on page 2 of the 2022/23 catalogue.


Can’t wait.

Regards Jason

Would be cool. But what to do with my HobbyFan conversion? To be honest, I rather would see M978 and M977 and of course ANY A4 version.

I have a Hobby Fan conversion partly build. Now, it might never be completed… Oh well.

The M985 and M978 are so obvious, they must be in the pibeline. I hope…

And the -A4 versions, are equally obvious. And the M1074/M1075… in both the regular and -A1 version (why not…? ;-))

Trumpeter is having excellent references on both M977 and M978, they only have to use them. But I think any Wehrmacht tank truck is better selling than any HEMTT?

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Any link to the catalog?

keep wanting somebody to do the fitter version. There was two different versions. One with a longer wheel base.


Do you mean this variant peculiar to the IDF?

Regards Thomas

This was a lot of work and frustration, but overall worth it. Image from the IPMS Nationals in Las Vegas. The Hobby Fan conversion was a lot of work, and raised more questions than it answered, but hey, it’s a hobby, right?


that would look to be the shorter one. we had both in at work, and the longer one had enough stuff on it to make an engineer go nuts! Yet they look alot alike. It’s been awhile since I saw them side by side (mid to early 1980’s I’d guess). Want to say that one had a smaller crane upfront as well as the one in the rear. Also the basic layout was different.

nice build by the way

Now this indeed is a great news. I have though about purchasing Hobby Fan con but never seen one at a reasonable price but this is much better option all together.

It’s not longer a rumour. Trumpeter announced the kit with their 2022-01 product update.

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Tentative box art as well.

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Has the M984 been produced in the - A4 variant btw?

The one below (fitted with an armored cab) belongs to the 536th Support Maintenance Company, 157th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in support of Task Force Lifeliner (Aug. 7, 2013 Bagram Air Field, Parwan province, Afghanistan). It’s towing a Polish Army Rosomak APC.

Full size


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That would make a great diorama Frenchy !

Here’s another view :