Russia’s Best Tank Army Might Have No Choice But To Reequip with T-62s

Today Russia’s two tank factories

—Uralvagonzavod and also Omsktransmash in Omsk Oblast—are struggling to produce more than 20 new T-72B3 and T-90M tanks a month while also restoring old, stored T-72s as well as equally aged T-80s and even older stored T-62s.

The two factories together can refurbish an estimated 50 old tanks a month.

“There is a realistic possibility that even units of the 1st Guards Tank Army, supposedly Russia’s premier tank force, will be re-equipped with T-62s to make up for previous losses.”

Xi Jinping needs to man up and take Manchuria back from Russia to avenge the century of humiliation. No one would likely help Russia if China made that play. That’s a far easier to do and less risky than trying to invading Taiwan in a couple of years and making enemies of the West.


Comrade Xi can most likely leverage getting Manchuria back by providing some form of material assistance to Russia such as old stock artillery ammunition and such in trade and not need to have any of his forces spill blood. As long as there is plausible deniability regarding Chinese material assistance to Russia, the world will dilly dally about any actions against China.


Can you boil tank rounds?