Russian "Turtle Tank"

Recently spotted in Ukraine.

Protected against everything?
I wonder when they reach Leonardo da Vincis 500 years old invention?


Other variants are featured in the Modelling armour in Ukraine crisis thread…


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This makes experimental sense.

A lot of Western ATGMs use graphical images of Russian T-series tanks’ ERA dome turret to identify, lock-on, and attack top-down. It won’t attack a flat roof NATO MBT, for example, because the microchip’s ID library can distinguish the NATO and Russian MBTs by their profiles. That is what is called a “smart ATGM.” However, Javelin ATGMs also have a direct-fire mode like a rocket launcher and forgoes the top-attack dive flight path.

So to hide the profile outline of an ERA-dome Russian turret does make experimental sense at the risk of decreased crew situational awareness. It’s a desperate attempt to eliminate the lock-on of all the modern NATO smart ATGMs with those graphics library microchips of all AFV profiles used in the world. The smart ATGM fire control computer cannot ID a Russian MBT that doesn’t look like anything in its AFV graphics library. But it won’t fool loitering munitions that have an operator looking at a munition’s targeting camera!

That is what is called counter-intelligence at work, and the Russians have captured UK NLAWs and US Javelin ATGMs and their thermal and fire control systems so the Russians may have tested to see if the smart ATGM’s computer can lock onto the “Turtle Tank.” If the peer nations can reverse-engineer these smart NATO ATGMs is another matter because their components are made and imported from all over the world, not just made in one allied nation.

Ahhh the new “improvements” was reading about that yesterday but couldn’t finish cause I was laughing too much…

So the various western ATGM’s need a graphics library update to add a new enemy profile?

I sincerely doubt that even collectively, the RuZZians are this bright.

If this is true, i’d not be surprised - however, can you please provide evidence that these weapons use microchip ID libraries?

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A couple pics of new turtle tanks

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I once “fired” an MELLS simulator and I don´t think they have a “brain”. They rather fly were you guide them by “thumbstick”

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can you please provide evidence that these weapons use microchip ID libraries?

The US Javelin ATGM uses imaging thermal sight to detect heat signatures. It is up to the gunner to ID the target through the image in the thermal sight for lock-on and firing. Thus, the Javelin can engage even enemy personnel by their heat signatures.

Scroll down the “Javelin ATGM User Manual” to 4-25 and read “Target Identification (4-90).” It is an imaging ID library on a CD-ROM, or actual photographs of AFVs (4-91).

Here is evidence of microchip circuit board ID libraries, called “Object Detection Model.” Scroll down to 3) Results and 4) Discussion and see Figure 14. I’m not going to name the company, but they make graphics cards.

Combine the two and viola…microchip ID library in a smart ATGM fire control system.

So the “Turtle Tank” isn’t just to fool drones if you cannot recognize the heat signatures of the T-series tank that easily. However, the Javelin gunner can still lock onto the target IF there is adequate heat signature and fire the ATGM. The jury-rigged armored shell may indeed mask the heat signatures from ATGM top-attack mode if there is not enough heat signature to achieve a lock-on although the Javelin can still fire direct-attack mode.

This is all speculation on my part. I am no ATGM expert here.

This is all posted on the internet for public access.


This is the photo from before they poured the concrete.


Another one…

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Seriously restricted frontal arc of fire! Hope they don’t get attacked from the sides or rear…

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Whoa. They are turning their tanks into Ferdinand/Elephant type vehicles.

It makes sense. When the war of movement is over, tanks become artillery pieces. No need to worry about flank attacks when your enemy is two miles away on the other side of a trench line you are unable or unwilling to cross. All a tank needs to do is hang back, remain under cover, and kill anything that enters no man’s land.

Tank tanks will reappear whenever and wherever someone is willing to concentrate enough force to punch through, regardless of the casualties. It is so predictable. Build up. Concentrate. Push. Run out of steam. Dig in or fall back. Repeat.

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'Cope Cages' Fail to Protect Russia Vehicles From Ukraine Drones: Video.

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However, weapons such as TOW, equipped on Bradleys (for example) are (fibre optically) linked to the firing position and are not reliant on automatic target designation systems. Additionally, newest generation ATGMs are true fire and forget (NLAW included) but, as confirmed by a friend currently at SAAB, that although the exact way in which the “combined magnetic and optical sensors” of these weapons ensure the proper detonation of the warhead is classified, the notion that they can discrimiate ‘sounds like fantasy’.

Ironically, the Turtle Tank wasn’t concieved to defeat ATGMs. Paradoxically, its the chronic lack of ATGMs that Ukraine posesses that necessitated the turtle Tank design.

BTW, the Russians call them “Tsar’s BBQs.” The Ukrainians call them “Turtle Tanks.”

Loaded with ECM and fitted with mine-triggering metal rollers, the odd vehicle type “is being used as a mine-clearance vehicle ahead of armored assault columns. The layers of do-it-yourself armor, installed in workshops near the front, protect the turtle tanks from the 100,000 explosive first-person-view drones the Ukrainians fling at the attacking Russians every month and to protect the extra ECM equipment loaded onto the tank’s deck. Nothing more, nothing less.

The turtle tanks are an adaptation. The problem is that they’re an adaptation to just one threat. As long as Ukrainian troops are short of artillery and anti-tank missiles and compensating with huge numbers of locally made FPV drones, as has been the case for months now, a Turtle tank stands a decent chance of doing its job and surviving an assault


I take it that this thing has near zero observation posibility. So a Panzerfaust 3 from 100 meters should do the trick…back to square 1. Atleast they are honest about not having optical equipment and firing computers in these refitted long term storage tanks.

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